The Scoring System

ACTC desires to promote participation in its Classic Trials Series by a wide range of vehicles, particularly those produced in years gone by. The aim is to arrange circumstances so that such vehicles may compete on equal terms with their modern counterparts. The scoring system for each event shall comply with RAC Motor Sports Association Regulations for Classic Reliability Trials. It should be noted that index of performance is not employed in these Championships. In cases where an organising club employs such an index to allocate its awards, the index will be discounted and Championship points allocated on a marks lost basis. In order to encourage the participation of as wide a variety of cars as possible, competitors will be awarded points in two parallel award tables (called Leagues), the Wheelspin and Crackington. More info below:

The Wheelspin Trophy League

The Crackington Cup and Navigators Leagues

The Pouncy Trophy and Red Rose Bowl Leagues

The ACTC Awards


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