Clee Hills Trial 2024 Entries Open

Entries are now open for the 2024 Clee Hills Trial, taking place on Sunday 21st January.

Online Entry – Cars
Online Entry – Bikes

2024 Clee Hills Trial Regulations (Cars)
2024 Clee Hills Trial Regulations (Bikes)

“This year, the Clee Hills Trial changes significantly, and yet it stays the same. At the summit of the organization we have a new club – Midland Manor Motor Club, but below them the organising team remains the same. Clerk of Course – Simon Woodall; Chief Marshal – Adrian Tucker-Peake; Secretay of Meeting – Pat Toulmin. plus their stalwart assistants – Barbara Selkirk; Richard Houlgate; Mark Powis; Graham Austin

The route remains very similar to last year, what the pre-Covid regulars would recognise as the “Eastern Loop”. We lose one section, and gain one new one that we already passed on last year’s route. Everyone will do all the same hills, but with Class O missing out those deemed not suitable. No special class for the HSTA Heritage cars, but they are welcome in Class O. Bikes will be expected to have factory fitted lights, unless running in Class X. Once again we will be offering the option of Shared Drives, this is NOT double-running, the car gets one score regardless of which person drives the section, rather like the drivers in long-distance sports car racing.

The start is once again at The Squirrel in Ludlow, with the Travelodge next door one on side, and petrol at the Co-op on the other side. Could a start be more convenient? Signing On reverts to paper and Scrutineering will be carried out electronically, but we will have an official wandering around the carpark making random checks. The route will be just under 75 miles (this is not just luck, Motorsport UK has a price change at 75 miles so we like to keep below that.), with a fuel stop at about half way round.

Riders of the heavier ‘Himalayan’ bikes have had their criticisms noted and will have a slightly easier route this time round.”

More info including entry list available on the event website at

Start Venue : The Squirrel, Foldgate Lane, Ludlow, SY8 1LP

2024 ACTC Championships Entry Form


Click here to use our online entry system.

The 2024 ACTC Championship will soon be upon us, we have reduced the price’s for cars to £10 and bikes are now £5. The prices for printed Restart magazine’s and the navigator’s league has stayed the same.

Cars : £10 (£4 for Navigator)      Bikes : £5

Printed copies of Restart magazine is £12.

Enter online here (payment by Paypal or card).

If you would rather send your entry in by post then download the form below.

ACTC Entry Form 2024 (PDF)

ACTC Entry Form 2024 (DOC)

Please email or post your entry form to John Bell – [email protected], postal address is on the form. You can pay by online transfer, or cheque.

Camel Classic Trial 2023 Regs Available

Camel Vale Motor ClubEntries are now open for the 2023 Camel Classic Trial, to be held on Sunday 3rd December.

2023 Camel Classic Trial Online Entry

2023 Camel Classic Trial Regs

2023 Camel Classic Trial Entry Form [DOCX]

“The Camel Classic Road Trial first ran in 1983 (called the Octo for the first two years) thanks to two new trialers Hans Viertel and Pete Allen. The event flourished every year and soon became a round of the Chester Motor Club Trials Championship and later ACTC and ASWMC Championship rounds. The original organising team of Hans and Pete were still running the event 31 years later in 2014.

Sadly Hans suddenly passed away in 2015 which was a huge loss to Camel Vale Motor Club and the trialling community. Hans was described by many as a true gentlemen and he is greatly missed by all. He really was totally immersed in trials; be it as a competitor, marshal or organising the Camel Classic in December every year. We hope his memory can live on in this event for many years to come.

For the first time ever in 2015 we invited motorcycle solos and outfits to enter the trial. This was a success and all the riders enjoyed the event so we will continue this for future years.

Hope you enjoy the event!”

Start Venue : The Borough Arms, Dunmere, Bodmin, PL31 2RD

ACTC Awards Dinner 2023

We would like to invite you to the ACTC Dinner and Awards Presentation, celebrating the 2022 trialling season at 7pm for a 7.30pm start on Saturday the 11th March at Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford near Exeter (also the start venue for Torbay Trial the next day).

The silverware has been collected polished ready for engraving with the various 2022 Championship Awards winners. Please come along to applaud and celebrate these achievements with them. You can make a weekend of it by booking a room overnight and be fresh and ready for the nearby Torbay Trial the next day (mention you’re attending the Torbay Motor Club event to get discounted rate).

As in previous years while we can manage your booking for the Awards Dinner, you will need to make your own accommodation bookings directly with Exeter Court Hotel (stating that you’re attending the Torbay Motor Club ACTC Awards to get discounted rate).

3 Course Dinner £32.50, 2 Course Dinner £27.95

You can book your seats for the Award Presentations and select your menu options for the 3 Course Meal selection using the following link. Please submit one form per person attending.

Please Note that this year the Dining Capacity is limited to 40 people so it is recommended that you book you places as soon as possible.

Link to BOOKING FORM below :

ACTC Awards Dinner 2023 Booking Form

2022 Final Championship Tables

Here are the final championship tables for 2022. Congratulations to all the winners.

2022 Championship Tables

CARS – National Championship Winners
2022 Wheelspin League : Joshua Moss
2022 Crackington League : Nick Deacon
2022 Navigators League : Philip Tucker

CARS – Regional Championship Winners
2022 North Regional League : Stuart Bartlett
2022 Midlands Regional League : Sam Holmes
2022 South Regional League : David Haizelden
2022 West Regional League : James Shallcross

MOTORCYCLES – National Championship Winners
2022 Pouncy League Overall : George Godkin
2022 Pouncy League Class : Stephen Kingstone
2022 Red Rose League : Geoffrey Westcott

MOTORCYCLES – Regional Championship Winners
2022 North Regional League : Keith Sams
2022 South Regional League : Chris Barham
2022 South West Regional League : Chris Barham
2022 West Regional League : Neil Brown

Could competitors check that their scores are correct. Please quote your competition number for that event if querying a score.

John Bell [email protected]

2023 ACTC Calendar


With 12 trial photos and all the trial dates.

£10.00 including UK postage by Royal Mail – or you can collect from the start of the Allen Trial.

Payment by Paypal using the order form here.

For more information or non-online orders please contact Pat Toulmin

Spare Wheel Mounting

With the commencement of the second half of the 2022 trials season, it has been observed that some cars are not following the MSUK Year Book (previously called the “Blue Book”) rules on spare wheel mounting.

Please read the relevant section of the rules (T 10.10) to make sure your car conforms.

Quote below from Section T of the 2022 MSUK Year Book. This can be downloaded from

10.10. In all Classes, spare wheels must be firmly secured by a permanent fixing.
10.10.1. Not more than two spare wheels may be carried externally, and these must be fitted as close as possible to the bodywork (excluding bumpers).
10.10.2. No part of the spare wheel(s) may be mounted externally in front of the windscreen or on the roof.
10.10.3. Cars with an external rear-mounted spare wheel in the manufacturer’s standard position may add a second spare wheel, mounted flush with the original wheel, with no spacer.
10.10.4. The spare wheel(s) or mounting(s) may not extend rearwards more than 200mm from a vertical line passing through the rearmost part of the original bodywork (excluding bumpers), or more than 100mm beyond the rearmost part of the original bumper position for the model of vehicle, whichever creates the lesser protrusion. An alternative maximum dimension, not exceeding 400mm, may be included in an accepted specification for a car in Class 7(c).
10.10.5. In all cases, wheels fitted in the manufacturer’s original position and number, are acceptable.

If in doubt, please ask.

Hill Reversing Guide


As we state and recognise, motorsport can be dangerous and in our specialism it is often the case that for a car driver having made an ‘almost successful’ climb, the task of safely and confidently reversing his steed back down a slippery, uneven and twisting track when perhaps surrounded by marshals, spectators, trees and banks, can prove daunting. Whilst the car can be relatively stable under power on the ascent, it can prove wayward under the influence of gravity and any loss of control.

ACTC Committee here propose guidelines that may be offered to competitors in the form of best practice to follow, though of course they are not mandatory. It is not possible to allow for every scenario and vehicle type, but the following is the reversing process to adopt in typical trialling circumstances.

These guidelines aim to accommodate the different behaviour of ‘Older’ cars (likely to have a 4 wheel handbrake and no steering column lock) and the more ‘Modern’ ones (likely to have servo brakes and power steering for example). We can ‘Brake Down’ the principles here through the summary A.B.S. – in this case Awareness, Braking and Steering.

1. Preparation


  • ensure you have good side and rear visibility around your car from the driver’s seat
  • ensure the reversing light is powerful and aligned for any night-time action
  • brief your passenger if a novice, on procedure for hill failures and exit routes


  • give your footbrake and handbrake good firm ‘function’ tests both before and during the trial in safe places, such as at controls and waiting in queues
  • consider installing a hydraulic handbrake – more powerful and reassuring, and there’s plenty of advice out there


  • wrap a yellow tape band around the steering wheel rim at the straight ahead spot

2. Stopped on a Section


  • listen to the marshals’ instructions
  • take a good look around and behind you for any obstacles or people, check mirrors
  • keep your passenger seated in the car unless otherwise instructed

Braking (Older) :

  • apply the handbrake firmly
  • switch off the engine and engage reverse gear

Braking (Modern) :

  • apply both footbrake AND handbrake firmly
  • leave the engine running in forward gear and press the clutch pedal down


  • check your front wheels are facing ahead using the rim tape and marshal guidance

3. Reversing Down


  • have your passenger and marshals guide you
  • STOP and take a breather if it is long and twisty, recover and then continue

Braking (Older) :

  • release the handbrake and keep off the footbrake
  • use the compression of the dead engine to allow a steady descent

Braking (Modern) :

  • lightly release both brakes to let the car creep back
  • pulse the footbrake about 2 times / second to keep slip under control
  • when the car is steady, shift to use handbrake only, to regain your steering keep the clutch down, in gear, with the engine running
  • if you run wide, STOP, shunt forward and try again


  • try to keep all wheels in the ruts around bends
  • DON’T let the car sweep round sideways across a steep hill
  • keep the car pointing uphill until it’s safe to turn around

Once you are safely back down, thank any parties who may have helped you, take a breath and maybe ‘uncrick’ your neck! Above all, practice these guidelines perhaps at a single venue trial where experts can advise, take…your…time and be safe!

Adrian Tucker-Peake