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The following instructions are for drivers/riders who wish to enter the main classes. However some ACTC trials and the three MCC trials run a class 0 (clubsport) for novices or people with cherished vehicles. Class 0 misses out the most damaging or difficult sections and drivers / riders do not need a competition licence. However they MUST be a member of one of the invited clubs and have insurance cover for the public road elements of an event. The MCC is probably the best club to join to take part in class 0, although if you want to enter other clubsport events you will need to join the ACTC.

Main Classes
Firstly there are some administrative matters to be dealt with. You must be a current member of an ACTC member club. For motorcycle riders membership of an appropriate ACU Centre club is required, although most clubs offer one-day memberships. Alternatively, membership of a club which has all-centre qualification or is an ACTC member club, such as the MCC.

Motorcyclists may find this beginner’s guide useful

From January 2008 passengers in National B Trials are required to be members of one of the invited clubs.

You must have a competition licence – for cars issued by the Motor Sports Association and for bikes by the ACU. Most rounds of the ACTC Championship are of National B status, requiring either a Clubman or any National B licence – your licence will be inspected at the start of each event. If you do not intend to compete in any other form of motorsport apart from trials then a Clubman licence is sufficient. Motorsport UK licence holders receive a copy of the Motorsports Yearbook (‘the Blue Book’) and a regular newsletter.

To obtain a licence it is necessary to complete an application form, which is obtainable from Motorsport UK

Motorsport UK
Motorsport UK House
Riverside Park

01753 765000

Thirdly, register with ACTC; this will ensure that your name and address are automatically passed to event secretaries and a set of regulations will be posted to you in good time to enter the event. It is only £11 to enter and this includes a PDF version of the quarterly magazine Restart. To register with ACTC download the entry form here.

It should be noted that regulations for MCC events, The Exeter, Lands End and Edinburgh, are only sent to MCC members and it is necessary to be an MCC member to take part in these trials.

Also you must make sure that your vehicle has the correct insurance cover for the public road elements of an event; most events now include this insurance as part of the entry fee. (this only covers the event itself, not you driving to/from the event!)

And last, but by no means least, you need to choose your vehicle!:

Car Classes
Motorcycle Classes

You will also need to know about :

Approved Tyre List for Cars (updated October 2018)

Tyre Regulations for Bikes (updated January 2018)

ACTC Rules 2014
ACTC Rules 2014 Appendix A1 – Cars
ACTC Rules 2014 Appendix B1 – Motorcycles

Class Identification

Preparing your vehicle

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