The Crackington & Navigators Leagues

Points are awarded for the contenders finishing position in class in qualifying events:

Ten points plus decimal factor for 1st position in class or higher award.
Nine points plus decimal factor for 2nd position in class.
Eight points plus decimal factor for 3rd position in class.
etc. down to one point plus decimal factor for 10th position in class

The decimal factor provides for different sizes of classes and is calculated as follows:

Decimal Factor = 1 for ten or more starters in class
Decimal Factor = 0 9 for nine starters in class
Decimal Factor = 0.8 for eight starters in class and down to
Decimal factor = 0.1 for one starter in class

The Historic Reliability Trials, the Exeter Trial, the Lands End Trial and the Edinburgh Trial organised by the MCC contribute points towards the championship as follows:

Five points for a First Class (or higher) award
Three points for a Second Class award
One point for a Third Class award

Contenders need to be members of MCC to be allowed to compete in these events since they are ‘closed to club’ status.

At the end of the Championship season, the following will apply:

More than 12 events, run competitors best 9 results to count
11 or 12 events run, competitors best 8 results to count
9 or 10 events run, competitors best 7 results to count
7 or 8 events run, competitors best 6 results to count
6 or 5 events run, competitors best 5 results to count
Less than 5 events, at the discretion of ACTC Council, to be decided at the AGM

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