The ACTC Awards

The Crackington Cup League

1st The Crackington Cup
Kindly donated by MCC

2nd The Mottershead & Smith Cup
Kindly donated by Mottershead & Smith of Birmingham

3rd The Enthusiasts Cup
In memory of the late J Maurice Toulmin

4th The Mike Stephens Cup
Kindly donated by Mike Stephens

5th The Pegasus Cup
Kindly donated by the Mountain Kingsmen

The Navigators’ League

1st The Woolbridge Trophy
kindly donated by Woolbridge MC

2nd The Sportsmans Trophy
In memory of Crispin Fuller donated by Torbay MC

3rd An Award

The Wheelspin Trophy League

1st The Wheelspin Trophy
A tribute to the late Austen May

2nd The Autofarm Trophy
Kindly donated by Autofarm Ltd of Amersham

3rd The Stalwarts Trophy
A tribute to the late John Walker of MCC

4th The Dellow Trophy
Kindly donated by the Dellow Register

5th The Cloudsmans Trophy
Kindly donated by the Cotswold Cloudsmen

 The Pouncy Trophy League

1st The Pouncy Trophy
A tribute to Jack Pouncy, kindly donated by ACTC

2nd The Templeton Cup
Kindly donated by Anne and Jim Templeton

3rd The Andrews Trophy
Kindly donated by Richard Andrews

4th The Bude and District Challenge Cup
Kindly donated by Launceston and North Cornwall Motor Club

5th The Muddy Fox Cup
Kindly donated by Richard Dawe

The Alderson Bowl (Red Rose Bowl) is awarded to the highest placed sidecar outfit
Kindly donated by David Alderson

Other Special Awards

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