The ACTC Special Awards

The Coup des Dames
In simple terms, Best Lady Competitor. It has been given to a passenger when there have been no lady drivers, and has been given to the most worthy (subjective term) when circumstances deem this right. Kindly donated by Marie T. Cope

Rest & be Thankful Trophy
To the Passenger of the Year. This should not be confused with winning the Passenger League. This trophy is deliberately keep out of that competitive arena to be given to the person who has done something above average or whose driver has done well but they are not registered in the Passenger League. Kindly donated by John Hayes

Wait until Next Year Trophy
The inscription on the trophy says “To the person most likely to…………” and the trophy is given to the most promising newcomer.

Tractor Tug Trophy
“For overcoming mechanical adversity” It is easier to say what this is not for. It is not for the person whose preparation is so appalling that they spend the entire event putting the thing back together when they falloff. It is given to the person who perseveres with the car when all logic says “Call the RAC” or to the person who does some enormous repair between events that most of us who hesitate to take on even in the summer recess. Kindly donated by Crafty Buggies

The Moore Trophy
Presented by Robin Moore for the best performance by a pre-war car. Usually give on points scored in the Crackington League, but not to a winner of one of top five trophies unless there are some extenuating circumstances (such as the next placed person being in 250th place and only scoring one point).

The Premier Cup
Originally for the best placed FWD car in the Crackington League, but since these guys are now taking all the main trophies, a certain amount of subjectivity has crept into its allocation. Donated by Roger Ugalde.

Trial of the Year Award
The organisers trophy. To the Best Organised, or Most Improved Organisation. This has to be carefully separated from the trial with the best hills, because it is too easy to look back on what was a “good” event and be blinkered by the fact that if you did well the event seemed good to memory. The areas that are looked at include quality of the route-card, speed of production of the results, Suitability of the Start & Finish venues. Contingency planning, Recovery, all sorts of stuff that mere competitors never realise has to be done for them(!!)

Mike Massey Memorial Trophy
Donated by Norma Massey. For the “Sportsman” of the year. To the person who has contributed to the benefit of the sport without thought of reward or personal cost. To the person who seems to “give” or help whenever called upon or without being call upon.

The special awards are made at the sole discretion of ACTC.

1998 winners
2000 winners
2002 winners
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