Discretionary Awards 2005

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Coupe Des Dames
Nicola Wainwright
From her early days as passenger in her father’s buggy Nicola has come on in leaps and bounds, I suspect that a certain amount of tutelage from her team mates in the Mudplugging Maidens has focused her abilities and her class victory over the established experts in the Clee Hills Trial just shows that she is there.
 emma_r Rest & Be Thankful
Emma Robilliard
Emma is one of the growing breed of “jobbing” passengers who turn out for several different drivers. She has been with Harvey Waters on several occasions, even though just once would have been enough to justify the award.
Wait Until Next Year
Keith Saunders
Keith has been driving the little Scimitar for a couple of years now, but now he seems to have come to terms with the car and has started to make his mark on the class. Can he keep it up? We’ll have to wait and see.
Trial of the Year North Devon Exmoor Trial
The Exmoor trial has always had its fans, who have always rated it highly, and also its detractors who feel that the attention to detail was not all that it might be, but this time even the loudest of its critics were full of praise for the way the event ran.
Adrian Dommett
To dominate the Wheelpsin league in the early part of the year was an impressive achievement, and had all the tongues wagging throughout the summer as to the eventual destination of that trophy. Alas fortune did not smile on him towards the end, but I suspect there may be Moore to come this year.
 young Mike Massey
Tony Young
The effort that Tony put in to rescuing the Hardy from disappearance is already well documented. From nothing, and despite a certain amount of resistance from the outgoing club, he and his team put together a very creditable event in a very short space of time. An event that was well received by all the contenders.
Tractor Tug
Harvey Waters
An impressive repair to a burst radiator on the Exmoor Clouds armed only with a short stick wins Harvey the award for the second year running. Not only was the stick successful in sealing the hole, but good enough to command success in the event as well. Winning this trophy twice might be considered a bad thing for some who consider that good preparation is important, but for sheer spectacle this fix cannot be denied.

Adrian Booth
Although not the scrutineers’ favourite person, with his lateral ideas on what constitutes modification within the model range, Adrian has got the Pug well sorted and is now snapping at the heels of the two well known Golfs.

by Simon Woodall, ACTC Chairman

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