Spill Kits

Love them or think they’re pointless, You are going to have to accept that spill kits are here. From 1st January every car will be required to carry a “small spill kit” that satisfies MSA Regulation J5.20.13 This no doubt leaves you wondering exactly what should consititute a small kit, something that J5.20.13 make abundantly UNclear, and also wondering how to obtain something that will satisfy the scrutineer without breaking the bank.

Happily, Tim Wellock has come up with a solution that should satisfy all. At scrutineering on the Exeter, he plans to have available a supply of valid kits for competitors to buy for just six of your hard earned quid. So when the scrutineer asks to see your kit, just delve into your pocket, offer him the exact change and goods to the value will become yours. Hopefully, unsold stock will then travel with the scrutineer to following events ’til all competitors are saved from spill.

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