A Bit of Publicity?

Here’s a plan……
Or just the germ of an idea. Those of you who hold competition licences will have received, about a month ago, the summer issue of the MSA Magazine. In it (page 68) is their plan to launch their “Reader Awards 2011”. One of these is VENUE OF THE YEAR. Why don’t we try to raise the awareness of our sport by nominating BLUE HILLS MINE as our venue of the year. I don’t supose we will win, but if we can get enough nominations, we can get the name BLUE HILLS MINE on the shortlist for all to see, which is good enough for the publicity as it will hopefully make the roundy-roundy crowd ask “what is Blue Hills Mine?” and remind them that there is more to motorsport than circuit racing.
All you have to do is send an e-mail to [email protected] nominating BLUE HILLS MINE as your choice. I appreciate that you may think other sections might make better choices, but this is about solidarity and Blue Hills might at least have been heard of by some of the non trials crowd.

To recap, and for those reading this who are not immediately involved in our sport but want to help:-
E-mail Subject: MSA Magazine Reader Awards.
E-mail Text: I would like to nominate Blue Hills Mine for Venue of the Year as it is the best trials venue in the country.

All e-mails sent are put into a competition to win a ride around Silverstone in an Ariel Atom, but they do need to be in by 21st July – so don’t mess about.

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