Exmoor Trial 2019 Regs Available

Entries are now being taken for the 2019 Exmoor Trial, to be held on Sunday 27th of January.

2019 Exmoor Trial Entry Pack

“Welcome to the 2019 Exmoor Trial, which is a round of the 2019 ACTC Car and Motorcycle Classic Trial Championships, ASWMC Classic Reliability Trial Championship. There is a new organising team this year, as many of you will know, John Barthram and Rodney Murch have stepped back from their organising roles which they have carried out for 32 years. Therefore this year sees some big changes to the route. As of last year we have moved away from the long haul from Exmoor back to Barnstaple to collect your tow vehicle. We will be finishing at the Muddiford Inn again which was appreciated by many last year. The trip across the high ground of Exmoor will not be included this year as this added many miles to the route for just a few sections.

This year’s route is approximately 70 miles on OS Map 180 in the very north of Devon with a real mixture of sections which are non-car/motorcycle breaking including High Bray which can be quite a challenge at this time of year, we are also pleased to include Hurscott, another favourite which was totally washed out a week before last year’s event after a lot of repair work by NDMC members. Fortunately a local farmer took it onto himself to repair the lane for which we are very grateful. The route will include stops for fuel near the start and during the route. The event will have a Motorsport UK dual permit, Clubmans & National B. Those who enter the Clubmans event do not require a Motorsport UK Competition Licence, if you want to contend the Championships then you will have to enter the National B event. Motorcyclists who do not have an ACU Trial Affiliation can purchase a One Event Trial Registration, ideal for beginners to have ago. Breakfast will be available for purchase at the McDonalds Restaurant, further refreshment and meals will be available at The Muddiford Inn finish venue. 

For those who do not wish to travel on the morning of the trial can find accommodation at either the Cedars Inn (near start venue), tel: 01271 371784, or Travelodge Barnstaple Roundswell Services, (even nearer the start venue) tel: 0870 191 1845.

We hope you will enter this event and find the day both interesting and challenging, we are working hard to make it as competitive as possible.”

Start Venue : McDonalds, Roundswell Retail Park, John Penrose Rd, Barnstaple EX31 3RY

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