Chairmans Trial 2018 Regs Available

Holsworthy Motor ClubEntries are now open for the 2018 Chairmans Trial, being held on Sunday 18th February.

2018 Chairmans Trial Entry Pack (Cars)
2018 Chairmans Trial Entry Pack (Bikes)

“Although not an ACTC Championship round we offer a fantastic days sport with the lowest entry fees in the calendar so come and join in. The event will be run under a dual National B and Clubman’s permit.

We are grateful to Kivells Auctioneers for allowing their car park and facilities at the Holsworthy Cattle Market to be used for the start again this year.

We should have at least 17 sections and 2 special tests in a route of 55 miles. Please come and have fun with us”

Start Venue : Holsworthy Livestock New Market, Holsworthy, EX22 7FA

Northern Trial 2018 Regs Available

Fell Side Auto Club LogoEntries are now open for the 2018 Northern Trial, running on Saturday 17th February.  Separate regs and entry forms for cars and bikes are below.

2018 Northern Trial Entry Pack (Cars)
2018 Northern Trial Entry Pack (Bikes)

“The 2018 Northern Classic Trial has a compact route of 58 road and 20 forestry miles around the Northern Lake District visiting many of the sections from previous years including the infamous Sandale, Black Hole and, once again, Big Cockup. We will use variable tyre pressures, diversions and a few restarts to make the trial more enjoyable for all competitors. The start venue is at the Hope’s Auction Mart in Wigton, they are geared up for farmers and we fit in well. Very good hot food and drinks will be available before the start and after the finish.

This year’s event is Round 5 of the ACTC National Championship and Round One of the ACTC North Regional Championship for cars. It is a great opportunity to score some points in very spectacular scenery.

The Clubmans event, which doesn’t require a MSA Competition Licence, is open to members of FSAC and members of invited clubs: – MCC, VSCC, Wigton MC, Preston & District VCC, Durham AC, Middle-England CVC, Ilkley DMC, Airedale & Pennine MCC and other ACTC Affiliated Clubs. Except for class 0 the Clubmans event will follow the same route and sections as the National B.

Should you be unable to enter this year perhaps you would be willing to marshal. We can promise you an enjoyable day in the country, interesting cars and bikes, good company and great atmosphere. Contact Myke Pocock at [email protected] or phone 01228 530555.

Up to date details of the trial can be found on our website

Whatever you drive, we are looking forward to seeing you on the 2018 Northern Classic Trial”

Start Venue : Hopes Auction Mart, Syke Road, Wigton, Cumbria, CA7 9NS

Tyre Control

As you may be aware, if you have read the ACTC council September minutes, we are looking to an alternative form of tyre control. The existing approved list is becoming unsuitable for purpose. Budget tyres come and go quicker than the list can be updated and tread patterns change whilst keeping the same name. The basis of the list is the subjective approval of a tread pattern, whilst other organisers of trials (M/C, VSCC ,750MC etc.) define a maximum tread block gap. This is the new approach which will be discussed by the Clubs at the April ACTC council meeting.

We are in the process of establishing a max gap to propose to the clubs at the April council meeting. I have attached the data that we have so far. If anyone would like to measure their tyres and send me the figures I will add it to the list. We are looking for the maximum block gap anywhere on the tread. If the new method is approved by the clubs a tyre can be checked by ensuring a gauge of the agreed size can be held in the biggest gap, as shown in the image above. It can be seen from the data that tyre size can have an impact on block gaps. This is something the present list fails to address. Looking to the future the opportunity to have different limits per class or specific car would be possible.

Pete Hart [email protected]

DiaSectionProfileNameMax Tread Gap
1317570Mentor M4007.1
1416580Vredestein Sprint5
1416580Dunlop SP 75
1416580Roadstone SB8025.6
1417580Vredestein Sprint5.7
1418580Matador MP3006.5
1417565Mentor M4006.8
1417580Kingpin KMT7.1
1416580Kingpin KMT7.2
1418580Hankook K7157.4
1418580Kingpin K4S7.5
1516580Toyo 3304.4
1516580Maxxis MA5014.8
1516580Vredestein Sprint5.5
1516580Pirelli Cinturato5.5
1516580Firestone F5605.5
1516580T Trac7.1
1518580Matador MP3007.5
1518580Hankook RA107.5
1518580Kingpin K4S9.5

Bike Related Matters No. 5

Hi Guys

Before I accepted this ‘job’ with the ACTC, I asked for a ‘job description’ or list of responsibilities, what’s involved? I knew the remuneration would be extremely poor, but hey, someone has to do it and I’m used to being poor.

The answer I got was ‘whatever you make it’.     Mmmm, time to think.  The way I see it is that the Motorcycle Co-ordinator (the job had a title at least!) is a two way communication conduit between the ACTC and the motorcycle entrants. My job is to report back to the riders the decisions and reasons behind them of the ACTC, and conversely inform the ACTC how their decisions will affect the riders before they make them, what the riders think and pass on any ideas the riders may have. In other words, the Motorcycle Co-ordinator should be an impartial intermediary and help the bikes be assimilated. The other main object is to provoke thought and debate by all, to try to ensure these decisions are well founded.

All this has got me thinking – a novelty, you may suggest.

It’s obvious that ACTC Classic Trials started as a car sport with the ACTC formed to regulate it (some car folk may not be aware of the Scott trial etc, their rich heritage and how old they are). At some stage, for some reason, they accepted motorcycle entries – discuss & debate. My view is that this is a good thing – a symbiotic relationship. We all want the same thing. I even know two guys that have started Classic Trials on bikes & changed to cars. Wowser! We are stronger together against the selfish, badly informed lobbies trying to stop off road sport and the mix creates a good atmosphere.

The entries are often a similar numbers of cars & bikes. Hopefully, the bikes are here to stay and will become part of ‘the establishment’. I’ve not witnessed any animosity between cars and bikes, at the trials they seem to complement each other. The organisers all seem very helpful and friendly to both.  A lot of marshal’s (essential volunteers) and spectators, like to see both. But I’ll leave you with three questions   a) To the Riders – have you tried to help, offered your services or those of friend, got involved in the Clubs etc. Or, to put it another way, apart from paying the entrance fee are you pulling your weight?  And b) To the ACTC & Clubs – do you offer the bikes parity? Do you realise what a large untapped resource these guys may be and are you happy for them to be absorbed into ‘the establishment’?   And c) What happens if bikes consistently dominate entry lists – can we all cope with that?

Maybe the time has come to answer these questions, to be honest with ourselves and at ease with each other. I like the mix, it makes it more fun. But I think car entries will reduce, and I know there’s a large untapped pool of bikes who would like these events. Between us, we can not only continue, but if we get it right, optimistic me suggests we’ll thrive.

Hopefully that’s got you all thinking as well – another novelty?

Apparently the entries for next years Championships have started to arrive. The Regionals seem to be popular, so come on, get entered & lets get these established.

I’m now getting more feed back – great, it’s a healthy thing, come on, spill the beans & tell me what you think.

Graham (email: [email protected])

P.S. since writing this I’ve become aware of a biker helping with the admin. of an established trial, perhaps this will lead to him doing the whole job – well done P.D. There are probably more of you that I’m not aware of – as the Americans say ‘way to go’. If we all do one small thing there won’t be enough jobs to go around, and the sport will be much better & stronger. Oh yes, way to go indeed!  

Cotswold Clouds Trial 2018 Regs Available

Stroud & District Motor ClubEntries are now open for the 2018 Cotswold Clouds Trial.

2018 Cotswold Clouds Trial Entry Pack

“On Sunday 4th February 2018 we welcome you to join us, as we have done since 1963, for our annual Cotswold Clouds Classic Trial. Over the years many competitors and spectators have enjoyed the Cotswold Hills, and this year will hopefully be no exception. Some sections have been eased to suit all classes but still present a challenge, and of course, we still have the old favourites to be climbed such as Crooked Mustard, Nailsworth Ladder and Wicked Juniper. A couple of new sections in Badgers Wood will finish the event.

The Clouds, winner of the ACTC Trial of the Year award in 2016, remains a successful and popular trial attracting a full entry for many years. The organising team of Carl Talbot, Mark Hobbs, Nigel Scotford, Ben Giles and Suzanne Burns look forward to receiving your entries, so please complete and return the enclosed entry form as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We will keep you updated with entries via our website and the Clubs Facebook page.

This year we are moving our scrutineering venue to Fromebridge Mill, where signing on and the start of the event will also take place as per previous years. Tea, coffee and hot food will be available as usual. No trailers should be taken to the start but they can be left at SKF as previously.

The trial will finish at the Minchinhampton Common Golf Club where good food and drinks will be available at very reasonable prices, so please support them.

If you’re not planning to compete this year, please consider offering your services as a Marshal. These offers are so very much appreciated and we literally couldn’t do it without you. Our Chief Marshal is Nigel Scotford, so please give him a ring on 01453 884691 or 01453 873787 if you are able to help in any way.

We look forward to seeing you on the hills.”

Start Venue : Fromebridge Mill, Fromebridge Lane, Gloucester, GL2 7PD

Exmoor Trial 2018 Regs Available

Entries are now being taken for the 2018 Exmoor Trial, to be held on Sunday 28th of January.

2018 Exmoor Trial Entry Pack

“Welcome to the 2018 Exmoor Trial, which is a round of the 2018 ACTC Car and Motorcycle Classic Trial Championships, ASWMC Classic Reliability Trial Championship. This year sees some big changes to the route. We have heard on several occasions how some participants dislike the long haul back to Barnstaple to collect their tow vehicle. As we are celebrating 70 years from when the first Exmoor Trial ran we have moved the finish to the Muddiford Inn which is where this event started and finished through the 1950’s and early 1960’s (this was known as the New Inn, Muddiford during those years). This is only approximately 3 1⁄2 miles from the van and trailer park. We will still visit Exmoor on route but return over new ground which will open up some fresh sections which we hope will provide you with some interesting challenges.

Also, as Class 1 will now be able to use LSD, we have decided to split this class into 1A & 1B which will cover those with non-LSD and those which have. There will be an award for both sub-classes.

The route is approximately 75 miles on OS Map 180 in the very north of Devon with a real mixture of sections which are non-car/motorcycle breaking including the infamous Beggars Roost, High Bray and others enjoyed by competitors in previous years. The route will include stops for fuel near the start and during the route. The event will have a MSA dual permit, Clubmans & National B. Those who enter the Clubmans event do not require a MSA Competition Licence, if you want to contend the Championships then you will have to enter the National B event. Motorcyclist who do not have an ACU Trial Affiliation can purchase a One Event Trial Registration, ideal for beginners to have ago. Breakfast will be available for purchase at the Cedars should you need refreshment and meals will be available at the finish venue. You can select how you want to receive your Final Regs, Route Instructions and Results on the entry form – via post or via e-mail.

For those who do not wish to travel on the morning of the trial can find accommodation at either the Cedars Inn (start venue), tel: 01271 371784, or Travelodge Barnstaple Roundswell Services, tel: 0870 191 1845. If you want to book, phone them direct and mention the North Devon Motor Club’s trial.

We hope you will enter this event and find the day both interesting and challenging, we are working hard to make it as competitive as possible.”

Start Venue : Cedars Inn, Bickington Road, Sticklepath, Barnstaple, EX31 2HE

2017 Car and Motorcycle Final Championship Tables

CARS – National Championship Winners
2017 Wheelspin League : Dean Partington
2017 Crackington League : Ray Ferguson
2017 Navigators League : Hannah Ferguson

CARS – Regional Championship Winners
2017 North Regional League : David Golightly
2017 South Regional League: James Shallcross
2017 Midland Regional League : Mike Chatwin
2017 West Regional League : Paul Merson

MOTORCYCLES – National Championship Winners
2017 Pouncy League : Kathy Martin
2017 Red Rose League : Geoff Westcott

MOTORCYCLES – Regional Championships
2017 North Regional Pouncy League : Philip Sanders
2017 South Regional Pouncy League : Chris Barham
2017 South West Regional Pouncy League : Kathy Martin
2017 West Regional Pouncy League : Kathy Martin

2017 North Regional Red Rose Bowl League : Al Lidgate
2017 South Regional Red Rose Bowl League : Geoff Westcott
2017 South West Regional Red Rose Bowl League : Geoff Westcott
2017 West Regional Red Rose Bowl League : Geoff Westcott

Due to lack of entries there will be no awards this year for the Motorcycle Regional Championships. I hope we can get a much bigger entry next year.

Could competitors check that their scores are correct. Please quote your competition number for that event if querying a score.

John Bell [email protected]

Bike Related Matters No. 4

Hi gentlepersons of the ACTC and its member Clubs.

Although I believe the ACTC needs a period of stability to encourage new entrants and volunteers (something I’m trying to work towards), I believe it can only be achieved if the existing rules are understandable to all, achieve their aims and are not ambiguous. (Making sure the foundations are sound before building the house!)

I am receiving calls from Club officials and entrants about two things relating to bikes that, a) are causing concern to entry secretaries, scrutineers and potential entrants, and b) causing me concern for the sport. So I have tried to address these areas and think if my proposals are adopted we will achieved the dual benefits of making life easier  for organising Club officials and make the prospect of entering more attractive.

The minimum wheelbase of 1350mm. I believe this was intended to keep the latest, purpose built and super competent modern trials bike from the competitive classes as they would change the sport, but allow them in Class X to try the sport – a worthy aim. However, the wheelbase rule is a very blunt instrument. Yes, it does regulate against the bikes it’s aimed at, but it also bans many bikes that I believe we would like to attract and are being used, as they have a wheel base less than 1350mm. It’s also ambiguous. A bike with a new chain has a wheelbase that can lengthen by up to 50mm when the rear wheel is moved backwards to adjust a worn chain, so a bike with a new chain may fail the test but pass as the chain wears.

 I propose it is replaced by a rule based on the dry weight claimed by the manufacturer of say 90 kg. This would regulate against the super modern model but allow shorter, heavier, less powerful bikes that we wish to attract. I propose that the responsibility should be the entrants to quote this weight on the entry form. If an entry secretary suspects an ‘error’ they can easily check on the website nominated in the rule (or ask me) and move the ‘offender’ to Class X. The scrutineers don’t need this hassle and should be checking safety features.

Tyres. Although the regulations only allow trials tyres or road tyres, there is a concession for Class C, and more aggressive tyres are being used but a blind eye turned. I believe the concession should be removed and the more aggressive tyres (such as enduro type) completely banned. They are unnecessary, trials tyres are sufficient for our sections, the rider’s skills adapt and improve. After all, the cars cope with road tyres!

Class C bikes can be adapted to take a trials tyre. The alternatives erode the sections making them worse for everyone else. But worst still, erosion of sections & cutting up the land in between can lead to the loss of that land by losing the goodwill of the landowner (can we afford to do that?). They increase the arguments against the use of byways (again, can we risk that?). I believe we should also be seen to minimise the impact our sport has on the land.

I’m suggesting that conforming to all regs should be the responsibility of the entrant, that potential problems with tyres and classes be identified on the entry form (and I am always available to consult), and the entrant informed at this stage if possible. We don’t want any ill feeling, or to turn anyone away on the morning of a trial.

I set out below the amended rules that I’m proposing for you to consider, comment on and spot where I’m wrong, so please contact me if you want to discuss any aspect. I’m only as good as the feedback I get, and hopefully we can encourage more to enjoy (is that the right word?) this classic trialling malarkey.

Since circulating the rules that I’m proposing for motorbikes, the consultation process has worked well because I’ve been lobbied by the ‘charioteers’ of Class D. Their concern is purely on safety grounds. It something that I hadn’t thought of, and perhaps its food for thought for the Clerks of the Course.

After zooming (or crawling) up a steep section, it is often necessary to come back down it. The sidecars have the advantage of vertical stability (don’t fall over so easily!), but have twice the weight of a solo but still only one front wheel to brake with. So it is essential that this tyre has maximum grip (or dig-in) to stop it doing the dirt equivalent of aquaplaning out of control down the steep slope. That means some of them would prefer to fit an endure tyre to this wheel only.

As this wheel isn’t driven, and therefore this would not cause erosion of the section, I believe it is a reasonable argument I favour allowing them to fit any tyre and have amended my proposal accordingly:-

Proposed Rule Changes for Discussion – G Lampkin – Dec 2017


Graham Lampkin

Motorcycle Co-ordinator Email: [email protected] Tel. 01282 862749 or 07989 446131))

No Clee Hills Trial in 2018


The Midland Automobile Club much regrets that it will be unable to organise the Clee Hills Trial in January 2018.

After the success of this year’s trial, especially, perhaps, for the motorcyclists who were able to compete on the trial for the first time in the event’s 70-year history, it is a huge disappointment that the club is unable to put on the trial next year.

The club thanks and expresses its considerable appreciation of considerable work undertaken by the team, notably Simon Woodall, Adrian Tucker-Peake, Graham Austin, Richard Houlgate and Jonathan Toulmin, all of whom have been instrumental in organising the Clee Hills Trial for the Midland Automobile Club over the last 24 years – the only classic trial run in the Midlands.

MAC intend to run the event in January 2019.