2016 Championship Tables – FINAL

ACTCHere are the final updated tables for last years Championships.

Unfortunately due to certain errors in the spreadsheet formatting, incorrect data entry and then finally a few erroneous details passed on from clubs relating to who was and wasn’t entered as Clubman entries, they have changed quite significantly.

They have now been checked multiple times and recalculated with the final positions as shown on the site. Apologies again to all those affected in a negative sense and I am sure some will be disappointed whereas others pleasantly surprised with their final positions.

2016 Championship Tables :

2016 Wheelspin League
2016 Crackington League
2016 Crackington League (inc. Wheelspin winners)
2016 Navigators League
2016 Pouncy & Red Rose Leagues

2016 Championsip Winners :

Wheelspin League : Dean Partington
Crackington League : David Haizelden
Navigators League : Liz Bennett
Pouncy League : Geoff Walker
Red Rose League : Geoff Westcott


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