Camel Heights 2017 Regs Available

Entries are now open for the 2017 Camel Heights Trial, running on Sunday 5th March.

2017 Camel Heights Trial Entry Pack

“Here are the regs for the Camel Heights Trial to be held on 5th March in Dunmere Wood near Bodmin. This is an excellent single venue event with challenging, slippery forest sections. We have a new Clerk of Course this year (Alan Keat) so look out for some challenging new sections. The event is again open to solo motorcycles and sidecars this year.”

Not The Ebworth 2017 Regs Now Available

Entries are now open for the 2017 Not The Ebworth Trial, running on Saturday 4th March.

2017 “Not The Ebworth” Entry Pack

“Stroud and District Motor Club would like to invite you to the 4th Not The Ebworth Classic Trial, set in the glorious surrounding of Harcombe Farm, Syde, GL53 9PN.

Trials have been held at Harcombe Farm since 1946. The event will feature at least 8 sections, attempted on 3 or more rounds & maybe 1 special test, if necessary. We will be running the classes in classic 1-8 format, but the sections will be mostly of the PCT type, with a combination of field and wood. Competitors will run in class order. This offers competitors in each class similar conditions on sections.

At the request of the National Trust, 2016 saw the final event in Ebworth woods. In slippery conditions that tested drivers and organisers alike, Joshua Moss emerged as the overall winner.

What better way to spend a Saturday in March than join us, either as a competitor or as a marshal. We look forward to seeing you for what should be an enjoyable event.”

2017 Clee Hills Trial Results

Midland Automobile Club LogoHere are the final results for the 2017 Clee Hills Trial. Notes from the organisers :

“You will find that the scores do not add across, because we operate a system called ‘score relieving’. On three of the toughest hills tackled by all (Priors Holt 1, Flounders Folly, Easthope), the score for the highest climber in Class is considered to be the ‘End’ and all other scores in the class are reduced. Thus Dean Partington was the highest climber on Flounders Folly so his 2 is reduced to zero and all the others in his class have 2 marks deducted from their score. Dave Jackson’s 7 gets reduced to 5.

Hence, if you total across the columns these three hills appear twice – once with the actual score, and one with the relieved score which is the one included in the total.

We hope you all had a good days sport, and will be back next year. We operate a system of continuous improvement, and would therefore appreciate any feedback you have.”

Overall winners were Adrian Marfell (Class 6) and Roger Ashby (Class A).

2017 Clee Hills Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Roger Ashby [9]
B1 : Carl Kiddle [37]
B2 : Glenn Morgan [10]
D : Al Lidgate [29]
0 : Tim Barrington [6]
1 : Nigel Whiten [47]
2 : Simon Price [11]
4 : Sam Holmes [5]
5 : Nick Deacon [7]
6 : Adrian Marfell [5]
7 : Dudley Sterry [20]
8 : Mike Chatwin [5]

Photos By Peter McFayden

Event Report on Classical Gas

Youtube Video :

Hardy Trial to be “Rested”

“As Secretary of Woolbridge Motor Club Ltd I am writing to inform you of the decision by the Woolbridge committee to ‘rest’ the Hardy Trial in 2017, we will review the situation in 2018 but I have to say that there will need to be some big changes for it to reappear.

We have not taken this decision lightly but due to the permanent loss of one of our main venues, the ongoing difficulties with running classic trials in Dorset, the very small number of club members actually competing in classic trials, the ‘reaction’ of a minority of some experienced competitors on the 2016 event and the lack of organisers we believe this to be the only appropriate way forward.

As the present CofC and many of us on the committee have put a lot of effort into this event since the late 70’s we are sad to see it go but prefer to take this decision rather than put on a second rate event, I personally went through hell to get the event accepted into the ACTC championship so am particularly saddened but recognise when decisions have to be made no matter how difficult. We have discussed making the Hardy a joint event with a neighbouring club but they are not interested in this suggestion so we think it best ‘rested’.

Entry levels have not improved and the Hardy was propped up by the large Bike entry this year (mainly local club riders not many ACTC competitors), this has been exacerbated by the compression and infilling of the calendar in the November / December period not helped by the moving of the Kyrle to sit next to our event (as supported by ACTC) and the working around Remembrance Sunday each year, Dorset and the club could never support a trial at any other time of year, we need the rain! I hope other events do not follow in our footsteps.

Woolbridge has well over 500 members, is financially very stable and organises some 30 + events every year but like many clubs the main work is done by the few. Unfortunately this doesn’t necessarily mean we can find people to do everything, especially when they receive adverse comments for their efforts when the event had to overcome the major loss of the one big venue which had developed into the star of the show in 2015.

Best Regards, Andy Webb

Woolbridge Motor Club Ltd Club Secretary”

2017 Exmoor Trial Results

Here are the final results for the 2017 Exmoor Trial.

Overall winners were Keith Sanders (Class 5) and Jon Hustwayte (Class B2).

2017 Exmoor Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Andrew Petherick [13]
B1 : Kathryn Martin [10]
B2 : Jon Hustwayte [10]
D : Steve Urell [10]
2 : Bill Bennett [18]
3 : Francis Thomas [22]
4 : Craig Allen [7]
5 : Keith Sanders [0]
7 : Peter Hart [7]
8 : Paul Merson [11]

Event Report on Classical Gas

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Torbay Trial 2017 Regs Now Available

Torbay Motor Club LogoEntries are now open for the 2017 Torbay Trial. You can download the regs and entry form below but it’s much easier to use the Torbay Motor Club’s online entry system – click here.

2017 Torbay Trial Entry Pack

“The Torbay Trial will run as qualifying rounds of the 2017 ACTC and reis ASWMC Classic Reliability Championships 43/2017 on Sunday 12th March 2017, and will again cater for Car and Motorcycle Classes. The Trial will start and finish at the Exeter Court Hotel, Kennford, immediately off the A38, approximately 1 mile from the end of the M5.

The plan is to include 15 observed sections and at least one observed test. For cars we are again running an additional Clubmans Permit for members of the 15 listed Motor Clubs. This is intended to allow some “occasional” competitors to bring out their vehicles and enter this event without the need to purchase additional club membership or MSA Competition Licence. We will also again this year give an award for the best performing Japanese Production Car.

The road route will similar to last year and we plan to include the popular classic hills such as John Grants Lane, Simms and Tipley as well as a couple of new Sections we’ve found if conditions permit. Bike classes are now covered for RTA insurance under the ACU Permit so top-up cover is no longer required. For the Cars, Lockton’s flat rate scheme is compulsory and is included in the entry fee.”

Launceston Trial 2017 Regs Now Available

Launceston & North Cornwall Motor ClubEntries are now open for the 2017 Launceston Trial.

2017 Launceston Trial Entry Pack

“Launceston & North Cornwall Motor Club invite you to the 2017 Launceston Trial. The trial will again run in its popular format as a single venue trial held in Eastcott & Lew Woods.

As always we hope to introduce some new sections and of course sections from the Tamar Trial will be included. We again plan to have a catering van in attendance throughout the day providing hot rolls and baps etc. and hot & cold drinks.

A popular move in recent years has been to automatically include membership to Launceston & North Cornwall Motor Club for the year, for anyone who enters the trial and we are pleased to be able to offer this again. Therefore competitors from any club, or indeed if you have yet to renew your club membership, all are very much welcome to enter the trial as you will automatically become a member of the organising club upon entry. And of course as the event is run under a Clubman permit there is the added bonus that you don’t need a competition licence to enter.

We hope you can join us on Sunday 12th February and look forward to providing you with a good day.”

2016 Championship Tables – FINAL

ACTCHere are the final updated tables for last years Championships.

Unfortunately due to certain errors in the spreadsheet formatting, incorrect data entry and then finally a few erroneous details passed on from clubs relating to who was and wasn’t entered as Clubman entries, they have changed quite significantly.

They have now been checked multiple times and recalculated with the final positions as shown on the site. Apologies again to all those affected in a negative sense and I am sure some will be disappointed whereas others pleasantly surprised with their final positions.

2016 Championship Tables :

2016 Wheelspin League
2016 Crackington League
2016 Crackington League (inc. Wheelspin winners)
2016 Navigators League
2016 Pouncy & Red Rose Leagues

2016 Championsip Winners :

Wheelspin League : Dean Partington
Crackington League : David Haizelden
Navigators League : Liz Bennett
Pouncy League : Geoff Walker
Red Rose League : Geoff Westcott


Northern Trial 2017 Regs Available

Fell Side Auto Club LogoEntries are now open for the 2017 Northern Trial. Separate regs and entry forms for cars and bikes are below.

2017 Northern Trial Entry Pack (Cars)
2017 Northern Trial Entry Pack (Bikes)

“The 2017 Northern Classic Trial has a compact route of 57 road and 20 forestry miles around the Northern Lake District visiting many of the sections from previous years including the infamous Sandale, Black Hole and, once again, Big Cockup. We will use variable tyre pressures, diversions and a few restarts to make the trial more enjoyable for all competitors. The start venue is at the Hope’s Auction Mart in Wigton, they are geared up for farmers and we fit in well. Very good hot food and drinks will be available before the start and after the finish. Last year, thanks to our competitors, we raised £250 for the Flood Relief Fund.

In the National B event is open to members of member clubs of the ACTC. We have the eight standard car classes for those drivers wishing to enter the ACTC Championship.
The Clubmans event, which doesn’t require a MSA Competition Licence, is open to members of FSAC and members of invited clubs: – MCC, VSCC, Wigton MC, Preston & District VCC, Durham AC, Middle-England CVC, Ilkley DMC, Airedale & Pennine MCC and other ACTC Affiliated Clubs. Except for class 0 the Clubmans event will follow the same route and sections as the National B. This year’s event is Round 3 of the ACTC Championship for cars.

Storm Desmond caused us more than a few problems in 2016, several sections were washed out and unusable or blocked by fallen trees. On top of this forestry operations meant we were unable to access several more. Twelve months on and forestry operations have moved on and time has restored some of the damaged sections. We hope to use Big Cockup again for the first time for about eight years.

If you are unable to enter perhaps you would be willing to join our enthusiastic team of marshals, Myke Pocock will be very pleased to hear from you on 01228 530555 or [email protected] .

Wishing you all the best for Christmas and New Year

Fred Mills, Trial Secretary”

Regional Championships in 2017

New for 2017  – Regional Championships.

Joining the ACTC automatically registers you as a competitor in all the Championships, National and Regional – no additional paperwork is required.

Regional Championships will be scored as per Crackington on Class results.

All your 2017 results will be retrospectively added when you join the ACTC – up to the summer break.


North – Clee Hills, Northern, Yorkshire Dales, Durham Dales
Midland – Clee Hills, Cotswold Clouds, Exmoor Clouds, Kyrle
West – Exmoor, Taw & Torridge, Tamar, Camel
South – Torbay, Exmoor Clouds, Hardy, Allen


North – Clee Hills, Northern, Yorkshire Dales, Durham Dales
West – Exmoor, Tarka, Exmoor Clouds, Neil Westcott
South West – Chairmans, Taw & Torridge, Tamar, Camel
South – Torbay, Exmoor Clouds, Hardy, Neil Westcott

2016 Camel Classic Trial Results

Camel Vale Motor ClubHere are the provisional results from the Camel Classic Trial 2016. Overall winner (on Camel Vale Index) was Keith Sanders (Class 5).

2016 Camel Classic Trial Results (Provisional)

Class winners (ACTC scoring) :

B1 : Tristan Barnicoat [11]
D : Alan Keat [9]
1 : James Shallcross [44]
2 : Bill Bennett [41]
3 : Matt Facey [21]
4 : Emma Robilliard [19]
5 : Keith Sanders [21]
6 : Mike Ellis [13]
7 : Duncan Stephens [28]
8 : Simon Groves [15]

Overall top 10 (ACTC scoring) :

1 : Mike Ellis [13]
2 : Simon Groves [15]
3 : Dean Partington [17]
4 : Emma Robilliard [19]
5 : Keith Sanders [21 / 29.60]
6 : Matt Facey [21 / 31.86]
7 : Dan Keat [24]
8 : Tris White [25]
9 : Gary Browning [26 / 39.56]
10 : Sticker Martin [26 / 44.22]

Torbay Trial 2016 Results

Torbay Motor Club LogoHere are the provisional results for the 2016 Torbay Trial. Overall winners were Geoff Walker (Class B1), Richard Maddern (Class D) and Craig Allen (Class 4).

2016 Torbay Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Rick Lees [19]
B1 : Kathryn Martin [11]
B2 : Geoff Walker [1]
C : Matt Hawkins [51]
D : Richard Maddern [4]
1 : James Shallcross [28]
2 : Bill Bennett [22]
3 : Colin Jeffery [41]
4 : Craig Allen [19]
5 : Aaron Haizelden [26]
6 : Andrew Rippon [34]
7 : Peter Hart [46]
8 : Dean Partington [30]

“Congratulations to Greg Walker, Richard Maddern and Craig Allen who have taken the Best Overall Awards for 2 wheels, 3 wheels and 4 wheels respectively.

Hopefully there are no errors in the Results, if however you wish to protest please ensure you do this by phoning Dave on the number provided in the Result sheet by 6pm Monday 21st March 2016.

Please remember that the Marshalls are judges of fact and are always right (even when they’re wrong!), however administrative errors can sometimes occur when transferring this to the Results spreadsheet.

Thank you all for supporting our event which many found to be quite tough but thoroughly enjoyable. Hopefully you will be able to make it back again next year and experience another couple of new sections that we’re already working on!

Keith Sanders & Dave Haizelden (for Torbay Motor Club)”

Chairmans Trial 2016 Results

Holsworthy Motor ClubHere are the provisional results for the 2016 Chairmans Trial. Overall winners were John Luckett (Class B1) and Aaron Haizelden (Class 5).

2016 Chairmans Trial Results (Provisional)

Class winners :

A : Andy Petherick [25]
B1 : John Luckett [2]
B2 : Geoff Walker [5]
D : Richard Maddern [14]
1 : David Carter [68]
3 : Matt Facey [32]
4 : Craig Allen [33]
5 : Aaron Haizelden [11]
6 : Andrew Rippon [25]
7 : Duncan Stephens [19]
8 : Tristan White [16]

Northern Trial 2016 Results

Fell Side Auto Club LogoHere are the results for the 2016 Northern Trial. Overall winners were Lee Abbott (Class B2) and Dean Partington (Class 8).

2016 Northern Trial Results

Class Winners :

A : Odgie Danaan [15]
B1 : Craig Asbridge [6]
B2 : Lee Abbott [2]
C : Mick Clarke [11]
1 : Martin Breen [63]
2 : Bill Bennett [12]
3 : Sticker Martin [15]
4 : Nicola Butcher [13]
5 : David Golightly [8]
7 : Julian Lack [9]
8 : Dean Partington [5]

Launceston Trial 2016 Results

Launceston & North Cornwall Motor ClubHere are the provisional results for the 2016 Launceston Trial. Overall winners were Rom Dobbs (Class B1) and Roger Teagle (Class 6)

2016 Launceston Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Martyn Harry [62]
B1 : John Luckett [8]
B2 : Rom Dobbs [7]
D : Steve Urell [18]
D1 : Michael Curnow [13]
1 : James Shallcross [53]
3 : Matt Facey [42]
4 : Craig Allen [23]
5 : Simon Hamer [47]
6 : Roger Teagle [20]
7 : Stephen Ball [34]
8 : Alan Black [46]

Youtube Videos :

Exmoor Trial 2016 Results

North Devon Motor ClubHere are the results for the 2016 Exmoor Trial. Overall winners were Mick Whitehouse (Class B1) and Dan Keat (Class 8).

2016 Exmoor Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Andy Petherick [6]
B1 : Mick Whitehouse [0]
B2 : Jon Hurstwayte [3]
C : Hugh Marshall-Sims [29]
D : Steve Urell & June Williams [0]
1 : Dave Haizelden [14]
2 : Bill Bennett [18]
3 : Colin Jeffery [1]
4 : Gary Price [24]
5 : Aaron Haizelden [1]
6 : Andrew Rippon [1]
7 : Stuart Highwood [7]
8 : Dan Keat [0]

Youtube Videos :