Kyrle Trial 2016 Regs Available

Ross & District Motor Sports Club LogoEntries are now open for the 2016 Kyrle Trial – running in October for the first time on Sunday 30th.

2016 Kyrle Trial Entry Pack

“Ross & District Motor Sports Club have pleasure in welcoming you to the 39th running of The Kyrle Trial.

A big change this year is the new date. This date change has been implemented so that we avoid the dreaded Goshawk nesting season which severely limits where we can go in the Forest of Dean. So hill wise things will be different due to this date change, wet but hopefully not too wet. You will note that we are starting the trial earlier than usual and this is being done so that we hope everyone can finish in daylight, as the clocks change the night before the trial.

The Clerk of the Course team is the same as last year, Nigel Green and Paul Bartleman. They have been out and about during the summer taking a look at old and new sections. Ongoing timber felling at Newton Woods, Monmouth still makes the use of hills here questionable. Weather-wise prepare for anything; hill-wise, real hills and certainly lots of mud. We will use some old favourite sections and hopefully, some new sections.

The start will be at our usual spacious and well-equipped Whitchurch venue with fuel (cheapest in the Ross area), a good café and ample parking. The finish of the trial remains at our Club House in Ross-on-Wye where tea, coffee and soft drinks will be available and the bar will be open to help quench honest thirst! Note the date, Sunday 30th October and please come along to marshal if you cannot enter. Tom Baker will be very glad to hear from you at any time on 07795 278899.

We look forward to seeing you for another good day’s trialing with around 12 competitive hills and two observed tests. Remember, our hills are not rough, but they are tough and steep.

Nigel Green, Paul Bartleman, Stuart Harrold, Neil Forrest, Glenn Morgan, Glenn Morgan, Tom Baker and the Organising Team.”

Tamar Trial 2016 Regs Available

Launceston & North Cornwall Motor ClubEntries are now open for this years Tamar Trial, regs and entry form are below.

2016 Tamar Trial Entry Pack

“Launceston & North Cornwall Motor Club and MG Car Club Devon & Cornwall Centre welcome you to the 70th Tamar Trial to be held on Sunday 23rd October 2016.

This year’s Tamar will follow a similar road route to last year, staying in North Cornwall and West Devon. We are again using the starting area at Martin’s Cash & Carry and Launceston Football Club venue which is just a short distance from the A30 dual-carriageway and less than 2 miles from our finish at The Winds of Change, South Petherwin. The trial will of course include the favourite hills of recent years, we plan to re-introduce a few sections of old and we have some new finds to keep the regulars on their toes. Last year we were pleased to be able to complete the trial in daylight and we hope to do so again.

We are once again running the car side of the trial under a dual-permit. This allows non-championship contenders or those who perhaps only enter a few events over a year the chance to participate in the trial without the need for a competition license. Motorcycle competitors will again this year benefit from being covered for road mileage under the normal authorization insurance certificate, meaning separate cover is not required. For the Cars, Lockton’s have introduced a flat rate scheme of £5 per vehicle for on-event cover which will ensure that all competitors are appropriately covered.

We look forward to offering you a good day’s trialling in a beautiful part of Devon and Cornwall.”

Exmoor Clouds Trial 2016 Regs Available

Minehead Motor ClubHere are the regulations and entry form for this years Exmoor Clouds Trial.

2016 Exmoor Clouds Entry Pack

“THE DEREK MERSON EXMOOR CLOUDS CLASSIC TRIAL Welcome to the 45th Exmoor Clouds, and once again we are grateful to Derek Merson for his continued assistance of the event. We are pleased to once again be a round of both the ACTC Trials Championship and also the REIS ASWMC Classic Car Trial Championship. The start/finish venue is the excellent Rest and be Thankful Inn, Wheddon Cross, which has proved to be a very popular venue. Right in the heart of the Exmoor National Park, one of the smaller of the National Parks. Last year’s event was well received and we hope we have improved the event once again, and are sure that we can offer you a superb day’s motorsport in some of the best locations you will find. Exmoor in the autumn is still a wonderful place to be. We would like to thank the Exmoor National Park and Somerset County Council for their help and assistance and we also extend a special thanks to each and every marshal. We look forward to seeing old friends and new for another epic on Exmoor on the 9th.”

Torbay Trial 2016 Results

Torbay Motor Club LogoHere are the provisional results for the 2016 Torbay Trial. Overall winners were Geoff Walker (Class B1), Richard Maddern (Class D) and Craig Allen (Class 4).

2016 Torbay Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Rick Lees [19]
B1 : Kathryn Martin [11]
B2 : Geoff Walker [1]
C : Matt Hawkins [51]
D : Richard Maddern [4]
1 : James Shallcross [28]
2 : Bill Bennett [22]
3 : Colin Jeffery [41]
4 : Craig Allen [19]
5 : Aaron Haizelden [26]
6 : Andrew Rippon [34]
7 : Peter Hart [46]
8 : Dean Partington [30]

“Congratulations to Greg Walker, Richard Maddern and Craig Allen who have taken the Best Overall Awards for 2 wheels, 3 wheels and 4 wheels respectively.

Hopefully there are no errors in the Results, if however you wish to protest please ensure you do this by phoning Dave on the number provided in the Result sheet by 6pm Monday 21st March 2016.

Please remember that the Marshalls are judges of fact and are always right (even when they’re wrong!), however administrative errors can sometimes occur when transferring this to the Results spreadsheet.

Thank you all for supporting our event which many found to be quite tough but thoroughly enjoyable. Hopefully you will be able to make it back again next year and experience another couple of new sections that we’re already working on!

Keith Sanders & Dave Haizelden (for Torbay Motor Club)”

Calendar Updates

Good news regarding dates later this year. Ross & District Motor Clubs Kyrle Trial will now run on Sunday 30th October which will avoid the clash with Camel Vale’s Bodmin Trial running the following weekend on Sunday 6th November.

Chairmans Trial 2016 Results

Holsworthy Motor ClubHere are the provisional results for the 2016 Chairmans Trial. Overall winners were John Luckett (Class B1) and Aaron Haizelden (Class 5).

2016 Chairmans Trial Results (Provisional)

Class winners :

A : Andy Petherick [25]
B1 : John Luckett [2]
B2 : Geoff Walker [5]
D : Richard Maddern [14]
1 : David Carter [68]
3 : Matt Facey [32]
4 : Craig Allen [33]
5 : Aaron Haizelden [11]
6 : Andrew Rippon [25]
7 : Duncan Stephens [19]
8 : Tristan White [16]

Northern Trial 2016 Results

Fell Side Auto Club LogoHere are the results for the 2016 Northern Trial. Overall winners were Lee Abbott (Class B2) and Dean Partington (Class 8).

2016 Northern Trial Results

Class Winners :

A : Odgie Danaan [15]
B1 : Craig Asbridge [6]
B2 : Lee Abbott [2]
C : Mick Clarke [11]
1 : Martin Breen [63]
2 : Bill Bennett [12]
3 : Sticker Martin [15]
4 : Nicola Butcher [13]
5 : David Golightly [8]
7 : Julian Lack [9]
8 : Dean Partington [5]

Launceston Trial 2016 Results

Launceston & North Cornwall Motor ClubHere are the provisional results for the 2016 Launceston Trial. Overall winners were Rom Dobbs (Class B1) and Roger Teagle (Class 6)

2016 Launceston Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Martyn Harry [62]
B1 : John Luckett [8]
B2 : Rom Dobbs [7]
D : Steve Urell [18]
D1 : Michael Curnow [13]
1 : James Shallcross [53]
3 : Matt Facey [42]
4 : Craig Allen [23]
5 : Simon Hamer [47]
6 : Roger Teagle [20]
7 : Stephen Ball [34]
8 : Alan Black [46]

Youtube Videos :

Exmoor Trial 2016 Results

North Devon Motor ClubHere are the results for the 2016 Exmoor Trial. Overall winners were Mick Whitehouse (Class B1) and Dan Keat (Class 8).

2016 Exmoor Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Andy Petherick [6]
B1 : Mick Whitehouse [0]
B2 : Jon Hurstwayte [3]
C : Hugh Marshall-Sims [29]
D : Steve Urell & June Williams [0]
1 : Dave Haizelden [14]
2 : Bill Bennett [18]
3 : Colin Jeffery [1]
4 : Gary Price [24]
5 : Aaron Haizelden [1]
6 : Andrew Rippon [1]
7 : Stuart Highwood [7]
8 : Dan Keat [0]

Youtube Videos :