Time For A Change

I’ve been a part of the ACTC council since it inception way back in 1978.  I was Championship Secretary for a while back in the 1980’s and I became Chairman in 1988.   I stepped down from this role in the early 1990’s and David Alderson took over.  To help wean David into his new role I stayed on as Vice-Chairman.   18 months later David decided to retire out to Turkey and within an instant was gone.   As Vice-Chairman, this act bounced me straight back into the Chairman’s seat and I’ve been there ever since.  So by next year I will have been in the hot seat for over twenty years, which is far too long for anyone to run any voluntary organisation.  The problem with being in such a role for such a length of time is that you start to generate a self belief that “I’ve been doing this for so long that I know best” and whilst experience and an intimate knowledge can be important in seeing past the immediate problem, it can blind you to the way the sport is evolving.   I started driving in what are now called Classic Trials in 1970.  There was no formal name back then, nor were there any rules, other than the MCC SSR’s, so the nearest thing to a ruling body was the MCC Exec Committee.   As youngsters, we looked at them and thought “silly old duffers, what do they know about what competitors really want”.   Now I fear that I am on the other side of the street, with the younger generation looking at me and thinking much the same.   Another disadvantage of being in a role for a long time is that people become reluctant to try to push one out, believing either that it would be disrespectful to do so, or that there might be acrimonious fall out back on them selves.   It is always better to jump than to be pushed, and I therefore announced at the recent ACTC Council meting that I would not be standing for the Chairmanship next year.
I hope I’ve done some good during my long sojourn I’m sure I’ve made some mistakes, but I would like to think that I’ve helping in making our sport more cohesive, and better understood by those not directly involved.   I won’t be disappearing completely, as Robin Moore has also intimated his desire to step down from the Presidency.   If Council is willing to have me, then I would happily assist the new chairman from this lofty position.

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