Discretionary Awards 1999

by David Alderson

The ACTC Discretionary Award winners are decided on merit. Working from season long observations, results sheets, and official observer reports, a quorum of ACTC officers select the individual recipients from a short list of candidates. Here are the some congratulatory notes on the 1999 winners.

Here are a few short notes about the 1999 recipients.

Coupe des Dames
Stroud & District Motor Club have a long tradition of producing formidably competitive Ford Escort trials drivers. Throughout the 1999 season diminutive Emma Flay proved that she really has the ability and aggression behind the wheel of her red Escort Mk1 as she attacks a trials hill. We can be certain that Emma will ultimately take her rightful place alongside established Escort stars such as the Moss’s, ‘Barty’, and ‘The Deacon’, in the annals of Classic Trialling.

Rest and Be Thankful
This is the second consecutive year that Judy Phillips has sat next to our Wheelspin Trophy winner throughout the season. Having the right passenger, with an instinctive feel for the car as it climbs a section is essential to ultimate success. Judy proved her ability as a passenger long ago. She previously enjoyed a successful season as passenger to the Crackington Cup winner, is this a unique double for a passenger I wonder?

Wait until Next Year
Nigel Allen is yet another young Cornishman exhibiting a flair for trials driving in a Big Beetle. Until recently Nigel’s time had mostly been spent carefully preparing the successful Greenslade and Brasier trials Beetles but with DG and Graham B having moved on to historic rallying for a while Nigel was able to indulge more time on his own trials effort. There’s no doubt that his driving ability presents a formidable challenge to other aspiring champions. Expect to see Nigel Allen well placed at the end of the 2000 championships.

Tractor Tug
Awarded for persistence in the face of mechanical adversity, John Cox had no serious challenger for the Tractor Tug! If you want an Escort diff. changed John is your man. Ironically he was unable to receive his trophy at the post Exeter trial award ceremony. You’ve guessed it; he’d broken his diff! Perhaps Julian Fack will take pity on John and offer him a discount this year.

The Moore Trophy
Strictly speaking not a discretionary award, the Moore Trophy is awarded for the best performance throughout the season in a pre 1941 car. For some time now the almost exclusive reserve of the Austin Seven mob. This year Bill Bennett expertly drove his evocative trials prepared MG J2 through the season placing the trophy well beyond the reach of the tiddlers. The black and white photos we’ve seen of Bill with the MG on the 1999 trials could have been lifted straight from the pages of CAN May’s ‘Wheelspin’.

The Premier Trophy
Adrian Tucker-Peake takes the Premier Trophy for a second consecutive year. His performances in the FWD Peugeot 205 GTI are consistently improving as the car develops. Adrian will be looking for MCC Golds this year and we can expect to see him mount a serious challenge to Dave Haizelden’s remarkable 1999 performance.

Mike Massey Memorial Trophy
Uniquely for 1999 our sportsman’s trophy goes jointly to an inseparable pair of trialsmen, Clive Booth and John Allsop. This pair have enjoyed their trialling together since the late 1960’s. Initially Clive passengered for John but the roles were reversed many years ago and the crew progressed through Imp’s to the current Dellow Replica. You will see them out on almost every MCC trial and many ACTC trials. Clive is the one with the permanent grin; John has the flowing (now light grey) locks! Sadly a bout of ‘flu for John prevented the pair from taking part in this year’s Exeter trial so they were unable to receive their trophy at the award ceremony. The loud approval shown by the audience when the award was announced confirmed that Clive and John were a very popular choice as joint recipients.

Trial of the Year
Any one-day trial organiser will tell you in no uncertain terms just how much effort is required to put on an event. Add to that the uncertainties of weather, ground conditions, last minute PR problems etc and you can perhaps gain some appreciation of the extra effort involved in the running of an overnight trial with upwards of 250 starters. Most of us regard the MCC trials as great occasions, unique adventures that are an essential part of the ACTC Classic Trials year. The 1999 MCC Exeter Trial was of fine vintage and ACTC were delighted to recognise a first class effort by its senior club. Ken Green and Ron Butcher, leaders of the ‘Exeter’ organising team, received the award on behalf of the MCC.

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