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Championship Monitoring

Dear Competitor,

You have been directed to this page which we would be obliged if you would complete and submit. Due to the reduced amount of feedback received through the season we have on this occasion greatly increased the number of requests issued, if we have recently requested your comments we apologise for asking again – please do not feel obliged to submit a response, however any and all comments are greatly appreciated by the organisers.

If willing to comment we would be very grateful so that we can report back to the organisers / ACTC Committee your views of how the event has been & what you did / did not enjoy & what you felt could have been done better, if anything.

You only have to fill in the parts you want, there are no compulsory fields – including name, so if you wish your comments can be submitted anonymously. If you are in a hurry please just enter the most important feedback – something is better than nothing!

The points we are looking for are as follows:

Start & Finish venues, Scrutineering, Route card, Event timing, Marshalling (understanding of differences between PCT and Classic rules / reaction to problems / recovery), Sections (style/quantity/marking), Paperwork (regs, final instructions, presentation, timeliness, clarity), Results, Overall quality of the organisation

Many thanks for your assistance with this.

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Championship Winners

YearWheelspin LeagueCrackington League
1984John WestKeith Vipond
1985Reg TaylorStuart Deacon
1986Richard PenhaleStuart Deacon
1987Chris ReesonTerry Mattin
1988Ian MossRichard Dawe
1989Dean VowdenDavid Alderson
1990Terry CoventryJohn Boswell
1991Arthur VowdenIan Moss
1992Grahame MarshallDennis Greenslade
1993Tim PearceRoger Bricknell
1994Mike WorkmanRoger Bricknell
1995Mike ChatwinTim Whellock
1996David AldersonDennis Greenslade
1997Julian DommettDennis Greenslade
1998Adrian DommettGiles Greenslade
1999Adrian DommettDavid Haizelden
2000Adrian DommettNigel Allen
2001Not Run Due To Foot & MouthNot Run Due To Foot & Mouth
2002Adrian MarfellBill Bennett
2003Roger BricknellGiles Greenslade
2004Paul BartlemanAdrian Marfell
2005Ian DavisDavid Haizelden
2006Andrew MartinDavid Haizelden
2007Adrian DommettBill Bennett
2008Adrian DommettDavid Haizelden
2009Paul BartlemanDavid Haizelden
2010Dudley SterryBill Bennett
2011Nick FarmerKeith Sanders
2012Dean PartingtonDavid Haizelden
2013Dean PartingtonJames Shallcross
2014Carl TalbotRyan Tonkin
2015Nick FarmerDuncan Stephens
2016Dean PartingtonDavid Haizelden
2017Dean PartingtonRay Ferguson
YearPouncy LeagueRed Rose Bowl
1996Duncan Welch
1997Keith Lee
1998Buster GriffinMichael Crocker
1999Dave Mason
2002Ray GerringJohn Hind
2003Ray GerringTrevor Griffiths
2004Yoshi AdamsTrevor Griffiths & Alison Nutt
2005Chris PoelAndrew & Anita Petherick
2006Yoshi AdamsAndrew & Anita Petherick
2007Yoshi AdamsAl Lidgate & John Webb
2008Ian ThompsonAl Lidgate & John Webb
2009Chris PoelYoshi Adams & Sarah Williams
2010Tom BeckerlegSimon Eddy
2011Stephen KingstoneGeoff Westcott
2012David CraddockAlexander Lidgate
2013David CraddockAlexander Lidgate
2014Philip SandersSteve Urell
2015Andy PetherickSteve Urell
2016Geoff WalkerGeoff Westcott
2017Kathy MartinGeoff Westcott


The Association promotes the ACTC Classic Trials Championship; first introduced in 1984, the Championship consists of a number of events which registered contenders are invited to enter. Additionally ACTC contenders are occasionally invited to events outside the championships. Six different Championship tables are run – a contender will score points automatically in those tables for which he or she is eligible.

The Wheelspin League: car contenders score points based on their overall position relative to other cars in the trial. Scoring is from 10 points for first down to 1 point for tenth.

The Crackington League: car contenders score points based on their position relative to other cars in their class. Scoring is from 10 points for first down to 1 point for tenth, together with a decimal point amount for the number of starters in a class, thus attempting to level different sized classes.

Navigators League: passengers who register with ACTC score points relative to the score of the driver they are accompanying on the same basis as for the Crackington League.

The Pouncy League: for solo motorcycles and Red Rose Bowl for sidecars and three wheelers: motorcycle riders score points based on their position relative to other riders in their class. Scoring is from 10 points for 1st place down to 1 point for 10th.

The MCC reliability trials are scored on the basis of the award won – 5 points for a Gold or higher award, 3 for a Silver and 1 for a Bronze.

A driver or rider registering with ACTC will automatically receive regulations for all events which form part of the Championships and may receive notification of other events to which ACTC has been invited.

2002 Wheelspin Champion Adrian Marfell, VW Spl

2002 Wheelspin Champion Adrian Marfell, VW Spl

Awards & Scoring System

Current Championship Tables

Previous League Winners

Trial Results

Top 5 position holders Wheelspin & Crackington Leagues 1984-2008

Tamar Trial 2019 Regs Available

Entries are now open for the 2019 Tamar Trial, to be held on Sunday 20th October.

2019 Tamar Trial Entry Pack (Cars)
2019 Tamar Trial Entry Pack (Motorcycles)

“Launceston & North Cornwall Motor Club and MG Car Club Devon & Cornwall Centre welcome you to the 73rd Tamar Trial,  to be held on Sunday 20th October 2019, catering for motorcycles, combinations and cars.

As always we try and keep the route fresh and varied and this year will see us visit a variety of different, both old and new, true classic sections which we hope will appeal to all classes and competitor. With a morning route covering parts of Bodmin Moor, then through the Tamar Valley and on to sections in West Devon, the trial will still include the favourite hills from previous years.

The start venue will be as last year from Tresmeer Village Hall, PL15 8QT and the finish returns to the re-named and re-furbished Frog & Bucket Pub, PL15 7LP in South Petherwin, just outside of Launceston. Both the start and finish are only a few miles from the A30 dual carriageway.

We are pleased to be able to offer the easy to use online entry system again available at, alternatively postal entries are still welcomed.

We are once again running the car side of the trial under a dual-permit, both National B and Clubman. This allows non-championship contenders or those who perhaps only enter a few events over a year the chance to participate in the trial without the need for a competition license.

We hope you will join us on the 20th October and we look forward to offering you a good day’s trialling in a beautiful part of Devon and Cornwall.”

Start Venue : Tresmeer Village Hall, PL15 8QT

Exmoor Clouds Trial 2019 Regs Available

Entries are now open for the 2019 Exmoor Clouds Trial, to be held on a new earlier date of Sunday 8th September.

2019 Exmoor Clouds Entry Pack (CARS)
2019 Exmoor Clouds Entry Pack (BIKES)

“Welcome to the 48th Exmoor Clouds, and once again we are grateful to Derek Merson for his continued assistance of the event. We are pleased to once again be a round of both the ACTC Trials Championship and also the ASWMC Classic Car Trial Championship.

The start/finish venue is the excellent Rest and be Thankful Inn, Wheddon Cross, which has proved to be a very popular venue. Right in the heart of the Exmoor National Park, one of the smaller of the National Parks.

Last year’s event was well received and we hope we have improved the event once again, and are sure that we can offer you a superb day’s motorsport in some of the best locations you will find. As you may be aware we have moved from our traditional October date and moved forward into early September and hopefully this will prove popular

We would like to thank the Exmoor National Park and Somerset County Council for their help and assistance and we also extend a special thanks to each and every marshal. We look forward to seeing old friends and new for another epic on Exmoor on the 8th September.”

Start Venue : Rest & Be Thankful Inn, Wheddon Cross, Minehead, TA24 7DR