1983 and before

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The ACTC Championships started in 1984, this table shows events prior to that.

Sun 16th Oct 1966PresidentsHolsworthyCARResults
Sun 19th Oct 1969OctoCamel ValeCARResults
Sat 15th Nov 1969PresidentsCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 7th Dec 1969BodminCamel ValeCAR?
Sun 8th Feb 1970Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
Sun 5th Dec 1971BodminCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 6th ? Feb 1972Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
Sun 5th Mar 1972March HareFalconCARResults
Sun 4th Nov 1973Exmoor CloudsMineheadCARResults
Sun 9th June 1974PhoenixMGCCCARResults
Sun 3rd Nov 1974Exmoor CloudsMineheadCARResults
Sun 2nd Feb 1975Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
Sun 18th May 1975WhitsunVWOCCARResults
Sun 9th Nov 1975Exmoor CloudsMineheadCARResults
Sun 25th Jan 1976AllenBristolCARResults
Fri 16th April 1976Lands EndMCCCAR / MCResults
Sun 23rd Jan 1977AllenBristolCARResults
Sun 6th Nov 1977Exmoor CloudsMineheadCARResults
Sun 13th Nov 1977OctoCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 27th Nov 1977ConquestSporting Owner Drivers ClubCARResults
Sun 4th Dec 1977BodminCamel ValeCARResults
? 1978Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
Sun 8th Oct 1978North CoastCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 12th Nov 1978OctoCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 3rd Dec 1978BodminCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 28th Jan 1979South CoastCamel ValeCARResults
? 1979Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
Sun 1st Apr 1979AllenBristolCARResults
Sun 3rd June 1979PresidentsCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 16th Sept 1979Exe ValleySilvertonCARResults
Sun 23rd Sept 1979MCC One Day Houghton ConquestMCCCARResults
Sun 7th Oct 1979Camel HeightsCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 28th Oct 1979TamarL&NCCARResults
Sun 11th Nov 1979OctoCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 18th Nov 1979Exmoor CloudsMineheadCARResults
Sun 2nd Dec 1979BodminCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 2nd Dec 1979ConquestSporting Owner Drivers ClubCARResults
Sun 27th Jan 1980South CoastCamel ValeCARResults
Sun 16th Mar 1980End to EndCornish Group of Motor ClubsCARResults
Sun 30th Mar 1980PresidentsCamel ValeCARResults
? 1980KyrleRoss and DistrictCARResults
Sun 12th July 1981KyrleRoss and DistrictCARResults
? 1981Cotswold CloudsStroud / Golden Valley MCCCAR / MCResults
? 1981Clee HillsMACCARResults / Route
Sun 1st Nov 1981Exmoor CloudsMineheadCARResults
Sun 6th Dec 1981ConquestSporting Owner Drivers ClubCARResults
? 1982Clee HillsMACCARResults
? 1982Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
? 1982EbworthStroudCARResults
Sun 6th Feb 1983Cotswold CloudsStroudCARResults
Sun 1st May 1983KyrleRoss and DistrictCARResults / Route
Sun 30th July 1983Weavers DownCAR?
Sun 18th Sept 1983DhustoneVWOCCARResults
Sun 11th Dec 1983AllenBristolCARResults

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