Championship Monitoring

Dear Competitor,

You have been directed to this page which we would be obliged if you would complete and submit. Due to the reduced amount of feedback received through the season we have on this occasion greatly increased the number of requests issued, if we have recently requested your comments we apologise for asking again – please do not feel obliged to submit a response, however any and all comments are greatly appreciated by the organisers.

If willing to comment we would be very grateful so that we can report back to the organisers / ACTC Committee your views of how the event has been & what you did / did not enjoy & what you felt could have been done better, if anything.

You only have to fill in the parts you want, there are no compulsory fields – including name, so if you wish your comments can be submitted anonymously. If you are in a hurry please just enter the most important feedback – something is better than nothing!

The points we are looking for are as follows:

Start & Finish venues, Scrutineering, Route card, Event timing, Marshalling (understanding of differences between PCT and Classic rules / reaction to problems / recovery), Sections (style/quantity/marking), Paperwork (regs, final instructions, presentation, timeliness, clarity), Results, Overall quality of the organisation

Many thanks for your assistance with this.

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