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On this site, you should be able to access all the information needed to begin in our sport, or to participate as an organiser, marshal or simply as a spectator.

You will see from our calendar that our member clubs hold events throughout the country, so no matter where you are located, there will hopefully be a trial near you.

If you are looking to participate for the first time, you will find that while a lot of members like the competitive element, everyone likes to see newcomers to the sport and will take the time to help with advice whenever possible.

Although as an association we run our annual championship, you are in no way obligated to compete when registering. Many of our members join in order to keep up-to-date with what events are taking place and to receive our excellent
quarterly magazine, “Restart”.

We have eight different classes, catering for all manner of vehicles. These range from modern front wheel drive saloons, to purpose built trials specials. We welcome sports cars, conventional saloon cars, rear engine cars, kit cars and of course pre-1941 cars. So no matter what you prefer to drive there is almost certainly a class which will suit.

Our Pouncy League for the motorcycle competitors is well established and continues to gain momentum. Here you will find events suitable for trail bikes, sidecar outfits and classic motorcycles of the type ridden in the ISDT events of the fifties and sixties.

Alongside our championship trophies, we also have a number of discretionary awards, giving everyone the opportunity to take home some silverware regardless of the competitiveness of the car, bike, rider or driver. Even the hardworking navigators have their own league to compete in, allowing their efforts to be rewarded alongside the drivers.

We look forward to seeing you somewhere on the hills!

Giles Greenslade, ACTC Chairman

2014 Bovey Down Trial

A reminder from the organisers that the Windwhistle Trial is coming up shortly.

Single venue, in a lovely part of the country and the chance to get in some official practice on Norman’s Hump and Clinton by daylight ahead of next years Exeter.

Dear Chris,

Please could you put in a reminder for the event below on your website, we still have a lot of places left to fill.
Any spectators are more than welcome and we really do need some more marshals to come forward.
Thank you so much for you help on this matter your assistant is really appreciated.

Yours gratefully,

Liz Hobbs
Event Secretary
Windwhistle Motor Club



Windwhistle Motor Club

Invites you to the

8th Bovey Down single venue clubsport classic car trial

16th March 2014

The venue is located near Seaton, Devon MR: 192/203913

Join us for a day of fun at 20+ sections, such as the well known Clinton and Normans Hump as used in the Exeter trial. Ideal for novices or for those with many,  many years of experience. No competition licence required and day membership available for those wanting to give motor sport a go.

Numbers are limited to 40, so no long queues at the sections.

Catering van with excellent food and a portaloo in case of one too many cups of tea will be available throughout the day.

Cost of entry is £30.00. For entry form and regs please contact Event Secretary: Liz Hobbs at [email protected] or tel: 01460 30996. Marshals always welcome – please contact Chief Marshal : Anna Robinson at [email protected]

Closing date for entry is 2nd March 2014