Bike Related Matters No. 5

Hi Guys

Before I accepted this ‘job’ with the ACTC, I asked for a ‘job description’ or list of responsibilities, what’s involved? I knew the remuneration would be extremely poor, but hey, someone has to do it and I’m used to being poor.

The answer I got was ‘whatever you make it’.     Mmmm, time to think.  The way I see it is that the Motorcycle Co-ordinator (the job had a title at least!) is a two way communication conduit between the ACTC and the motorcycle entrants. My job is to report back to the riders the decisions and reasons behind them of the ACTC, and conversely inform the ACTC how their decisions will affect the riders before they make them, what the riders think and pass on any ideas the riders may have. In other words, the Motorcycle Co-ordinator should be an impartial intermediary and help the bikes be assimilated. The other main object is to provoke thought and debate by all, to try to ensure these decisions are well founded.

All this has got me thinking – a novelty, you may suggest.

It’s obvious that ACTC Classic Trials started as a car sport with the ACTC formed to regulate it (some car folk may not be aware of the Scott trial etc, their rich heritage and how old they are). At some stage, for some reason, they accepted motorcycle entries – discuss & debate. My view is that this is a good thing – a symbiotic relationship. We all want the same thing. I even know two guys that have started Classic Trials on bikes & changed to cars. Wowser! We are stronger together against the selfish, badly informed lobbies trying to stop off road sport and the mix creates a good atmosphere.

The entries are often a similar numbers of cars & bikes. Hopefully, the bikes are here to stay and will become part of ‘the establishment’. I’ve not witnessed any animosity between cars and bikes, at the trials they seem to complement each other. The organisers all seem very helpful and friendly to both.  A lot of marshal’s (essential volunteers) and spectators, like to see both. But I’ll leave you with three questions   a) To the Riders – have you tried to help, offered your services or those of friend, got involved in the Clubs etc. Or, to put it another way, apart from paying the entrance fee are you pulling your weight?  And b) To the ACTC & Clubs – do you offer the bikes parity? Do you realise what a large untapped resource these guys may be and are you happy for them to be absorbed into ‘the establishment’?   And c) What happens if bikes consistently dominate entry lists – can we all cope with that?

Maybe the time has come to answer these questions, to be honest with ourselves and at ease with each other. I like the mix, it makes it more fun. But I think car entries will reduce, and I know there’s a large untapped pool of bikes who would like these events. Between us, we can not only continue, but if we get it right, optimistic me suggests we’ll thrive.

Hopefully that’s got you all thinking as well – another novelty?

Apparently the entries for next years Championships have started to arrive. The Regionals seem to be popular, so come on, get entered & lets get these established.

I’m now getting more feed back – great, it’s a healthy thing, come on, spill the beans & tell me what you think.

Graham (email: [email protected])

P.S. since writing this I’ve become aware of a biker helping with the admin. of an established trial, perhaps this will lead to him doing the whole job – well done P.D. There are probably more of you that I’m not aware of – as the Americans say ‘way to go’. If we all do one small thing there won’t be enough jobs to go around, and the sport will be much better & stronger. Oh yes, way to go indeed!  

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