Bike Related Matters No. 3

Random Thoughts: The Trip: It went by too quickly. The bike spat its dummy out at the Exmoor Clouds (Sammy was right – trials can be lost in the workshop!), but a well run event. Then my sisters garden got a short back & sides (free lodging in return) before the Tamar – another good event and Troggy kept going. Life doesn’t get better than this.

Bike Classes: It has been noticed that a few proper modern trials bikes (Beta Rev, Beta Evo, Scorpa, Gas Gas, Honda TLR, Montesa Cota etc) have been entered, and not always in class X. Yes, they are welcome, but unfortunately these Classic trials are really suited to trail bikes and old pre 70 stuff, hence the ACTC regulation that says any bike with a wheelbase of less that 1350mm should be in class X and won’t be scored in the championship. I think most of these bikes have a wheelbase in the region of 1320mm. So please enter, but enter in to the spirit of the classic trials (and class X). I realise that you are probably coming on a bike you already have, but our sections are not difficult enough to challenge your bikes. So please come, we hope you enjoy and enter more, but we don’t want to add to the burden of the Entry Secretaries or Scrutineers by having to correct entries. You never know, it may lead to a different bike! I hope existing riders will make sure that potential newcomers know about this.

Whats in a name? Personally I’m not keen on the name ‘classic trials’. Yes, the nature of the event is classic (and long may it be so), but most of the vehicles aren’t. Perhaps this is because I’m familiar with pre-65 bike trials, but in conversation I usually refer to Long Distance Trials. Does the name put potential entrants off, thinking they would need a classic bike? And we’re not all doddery old codgers like me.

Where are all the young guys? A couple of years ago at the Yorkshire Classic I rode around with a guy of about 20 – his first event. He seemed to enjoy it, but I’ve not seen him since,. These guys are the future, how did we let him escape?

Championships: In 2018 we’ve got a two pronged championship – regional and national. If you enter the regionals it costs only £10, (and it counts in more than one region). But for just £17 you can register for the national and regional championships, further more you also get a quarterly magazine (hard copy or email) and email alerts of new posts on the website. I genuinely believe that the more involved you become with this type of sport, the more you enjoy it. So why not have a bash in these championships?

Tyres: The regs. say you should run on trials pattern tyre, they aren’t expensive and are easily available (Pirellis seem the most popular). The only exception is class C, because the bikes come with a 17” rim on the rear and trials tyres are 18” (could change the rim perhaps?). Anyway, please conform with the regs, make life easier for the scrutineers by arriving with the correct tyre, and having some respect for the organisers & land owner by not churning it up with more aggressive tyres. There is plenty of grip in a trials pattern tyre and you may be moved to class X if you arrive not conforming with the regs.

Contributions: This is your chance to have a say. Ideas, comments, complaints, thanks, ideas to improve your bike or a trip you’ve done – send it to me & it can be incorporated into this ‘blog’.

[email protected], 07989 446131 or 01282 862749

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