Bike Related Matters No. 2

Hi Guys,

A word about the championship. First it has a new Secretary, John Bell. John is an experienced trials driver, a hard working volunteer and wants to encourage all to enter. From 2018 the bike championship will be scored on the overall position (amongst bikes) in each event. This makes sense. After a suggestion that therefore all classes should ride identical routes, the Clerks of Course present at the AGM made it clear that they wish to retain the right to make subtle changes (such as restarts etc), class by class to eradicate the advantages any class may have from the competitive nature of the bikes. Therefore in theory, a rider in any class has an equal opportunity to win that event (if they ride well!), negating the riders of the most competitive class having an advantage and always winning. Again, that makes sense. Some may disagree, if you have a view . . . . . emails to me please!

So the ACTC have done their bit, made the championship as fair as it can be. It removes the excuse of ‘unfair advantage’ for not entering it (discuss). The regional championships are now in place and are ideal if you can’t travel far. This means it could be construed as rude to not register – come on, have a go, you may be surprised by how well you do.. You also get a quarterly magazine and email alerts of new posts on the website such as entry forms & regs for future events.

In October I’m making my annual pilgrimage to visit my sister in Devon. Completely by accident(?) I’ll be there the week that starts with the Exmoor Clouds and finishes with the Tamar – how did that happen? It means that I should be at both events to listen to your views (but after the trials please). If you’ve anything of interest I can always incorporate it in this slot – less boring than me prattling on! You can contact me by email ([email protected]) or phone mobile 07989 446131, landline 01282 862749. All I ask is your name & contact number (no anonymous or rude suggestions please).

Most importantly, keep on enjoying the trials and encourage your mates to share the fun! A word of advice, stay behind the handlebars – it hurts if you get in front of them!


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