Welcome to the fifth edition of ACTC Newsletters which will be a regular communication to keep you updated with info from around the Classic Trials scene.

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There are 10 Car Championship Awards on offer across the Wheelspin and Crackington Leagues. There is also a Navigator League as well as other discretionary awards based on up-coming talent and for those overcoming adversity!

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Yes that’s right, free membership for 2020. All that we ask is that you come out and compete as much as you can to build your Championship points and hopefully continue your membership in future years.

This initiative is being offered in an attempt to kick-start the Bike Championships by attracting enough contenders to make it a truly competitive season.

There is the Pouncy League for solo motorcycles and the Red Rose Bowl for sidecars and three wheelers with multiple awards in each depending on the number of entries.

Never has there been a better time to join ACTC so why not have a crack at the Championships in 2020?

Not only will you be a Championship contender and receive a quarterly e-copy of Restart Magazine, but your valued membership will help to support the protection and future of our Sport by supporting the ACTC having a voice with important issues such as Rights of Way and fighting against higher fees which are starting to be imposed by Local Authorities for the use of lanes designated as Byways and Footpaths.

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Championship Standings (Provisional)

As the Championship year starts drawing to a conclusion things are hotting up for the star performers at the top of the tables.

Based on provisional results from the Kyrle, and not including the Edinburgh results...

Wheelspin League (based on Overall position)

    Best 9 Total Events Scored Max Possible*
Matt Facey 70 70 9 84
Dave Haizelden 52 52 6 92
Ray Ferguson 52 52 9 74
Paul Merson 46 46 8 63
Dean Partington 43 43 7 70

* if winning 1st Overall on remaining 3 events


1st Place is currently Matt Facey leads the Wheelspin on 70 points, however this is using the max 9 events so will need to drop some lower scores to retain this lead and if he wins Overall in the next three events he has a theoretical maximum of 84 points.

Joint 2nd Place Dave Haizelden also has 52 points but gained over just 6 events. This means he will retain all Wheelspin points earned over the remaining events and has a theoretical maximum of 92 points. 

Joint 2nd Place Ray Ferguson on 52 points over 9 events is still very much in contention and a theoretical 74 points is possible

4th Place Paul Merson and 5th Place Dean Partington are still very much in-the-mix and are poised climb further if the conditions and setup of the remaining Trials are in their favour.

Crackington League (based on Class performance)

    Best 9 Total Events
Stuart Bartlett 61.9 61.9 7
James Shallcross 59.0 59.0 6
Stewart Green  43.8 43.8 5
Aaron Haizelden 41.1 41.1 4
Sam Holmes 40.5 40.5 4

1st Place Stuart Bartlett is on 61.9 points out of 7 events and to protect this will need to get some good Class placings in the remaining results, which is not an easy task in Class 8.

2nd Place James Shallcross is hot on his heels with 59.0 points from 6 events and has an excellent chance of scoring 30 points over the remaining events.

3rd Place Stewart Green currently has 43.8 from 5 events. He will face the same tough Class 8 challenges as Stuart but only able to accrue 8 event scores

Similarly 4th Place Aaron Haizelden with 41.1 from 4, and 5th Place Sam Holmes with 40.5 from 4 can only gather 7 Event scores in total so are likely to be fighting Stewart for the 3rd Place award.

Navigators League

    Best 9 Total  Events Scored
Hannah Ferguson 87.2 90.2 11
Nick Sherrin 81.0 81.0 8
Holly Wood 71.0 71.0 8

It's all very close in the Nav League too.

1st Place Hannah Ferguson currently leads but has already done more than 9 events so can only increase this score by 2 or 3 points.

2nd Place Nick Sherrin can add another full result before having to drop points and as Class 8 generally gets a good number of entries a Class Win could be enough to take this away from Hannah.

3rd Place Holly Wood can also add another full score and with the potential of 9 out of 9 Class Wins this year she could leapfrog the others to the top.

Pouncy League (Solo Bikes)

1st Place has been dominated again by Kathy Martin and it looks like Chris Barham will need to settle with the runner-up position.

Red Rose Bowl (Sidecars)

Hats-off to Geoff Westcott who puts a lots to our sport and has secured a well deserved 1st Place to take the Red Rose Bowl.

ACTC Trophies

Could all 2018 Award Winners please return their trophies to Alan or Norton Selwood at the Allen or Camel Classic. 

Next year's awards evening will once again be held on the evening preceding the Torbay Trial, but this year is being held at the Exeter Court Hotel, the start/finish venue for the Torbay. Remember, you don't have to win an award to attend!   

Course Closing - behind the scenes view of the Edinburgh Trial from Paul Brooks

Early October means only one thing for many of us, and that’s the MCC Edinburgh trial.

For many years, more than I care to remember perhaps, I have been to the beautiful Peak district around Buxton on the first Saturday in October in a competitive role. Passenger for two, but mostly Neal Vile, and latterly as a driver in my own cars, unreliable VWs and my trusty X-90 with Ali as passenger.

For the past 3 events, after an enforced break, and without a car to compete with, I have been Course closer car (number 2) with No. 1 son, Max. He thinks he is no. 1 in all respects, but it’s only because he’s the first born.

Our role has been to sweep up at the back of the event, collecting all the signage such as the L, R, SO boards and odd QQ posts and arrows. The marshals are always pleased to see us, late running competitors are not. We have noted retirees aplenty, but in the last 3 events in this role we have not had to tell anyone to retire. Usually 20 mins or so has seen any problems resolved and we allowed them to go on their way, still just in front of us. It was close this year at one point though.

The Edinburgh trial relies on good communications to try keeping it running and many will know this is provided by Raynet. This consists of Amateur radio operators that set up a network of stations to pass messages from all the sections to HQ, and to the Clerk of the Course. I am licensed to use Amateur radio too, and in contact with HQ at all times from the car. It’s particularly useful for contacting the C of C and HQ with any issues along the way. It’s also an excuse to play radio while competitors play bikes/cars. This works by having a control set up at the breakfast halt/finish at the Duke of York and another ‘repeater’ site. This is located at Axe edge just off the Cat and Fiddle, about the highest point on the trials route. Organisers have asked Raynet to help out here for many years, mainly because mobile phone coverage is not great in the Peak district but I have noticed it is getting better. Hollinsclough never used to have coverage but does this year. I wonder if any of my normal duties (day job) had anything to do with that?

After the event finished some 2 hours late, which is about par for the course, we just made it to the Premier Inn in time for dinner at Rugeley for the night. Where we joined other WWMC members for the night. Travelling home on the Sunday morning Max said he would take part as my passenger if I got a car. Now then, what’s out there?

Monday, apart from being back to work, we start on the compilation of the scores. Trying to log the non-starters first, non-finishers based on known retirees and those that did not sign off. Later in the week the inputs from the team of transcribers that convert the written word into simple speadsheets. These then have to be sorted to determine if a restart was valid for the class, or even if the hill was valid in some cases. Most often we have to work out what the marshal actually meant to write! It all works well if the marshal writes what he/she actually saw, not what they think is correct. Eventually a result comes together as provisional and can be published. That’s when the fun starts with various protests to be sorted out. I leave that bit to the grown ups.

Martin Keswick & Aaron Haizelden Take Tamar Top Spots

Launceston & North Cornwall MC shook the Tamar Trial up for 2019, by using a host of new sections towards Bodmin Moor, removing the need to travel out to the North Coast. 

The trial was as challenging and well balanced between the classes as has come to be expected from the Tamar, with all classes represented in the Top 10 for cars and bikes. 

It was the outfit of Martin Keswick & Josh Cook who took home the Bude & District Cup, dropping just 7 marks. They beat Class B2 competitor Bob Creedy into 2nd place, who in turn beat Gregory Schmid on special test times, both dropping 9 marks overall. Kathy Martin was close behind on 11, followed by Geoff & Jon Westcott on 3 wheels and Chris Barham on his BSA. 

On 4 wheels, Aaron Haizelden got back to winning ways after recent reliability issues, dropping 15 points to take the Tamar Trophy. He beat Matt Facey by a solitary point, who won the All-BMW Class 3 with another strong showing. The 2 Scimitars of Dave Haizelden & Keith Sanders followed on 17 points apiece, with the battle of the Torbay organisers being won by Dave on test times. Craig Allen took 5th overall and Class 4 on 19 points, beating Paul Merson who won the John Dell Cup, Class 8 and 6th overall with his performance, narrowly beating the hard charging Stuart & Kieran Bartlett in their Cannon. With a winning margin of over 20 points, Class 7 and 8th overall went to Francis Thomas on his first event in his freshly built Dutton Melos, a fantastic result! James Shallcross and Steve Kingstone rounded out the top 10 in Peugeot 205 and Midget respectively. 

Climb of the day went to Tony Young, making a very greasy Angel Steps look decidedly straightforward in his 1300cc Beetle.   

Haizelden Wins Tough Kyrle

Brian Partridge pictured on Blaize by Calvin Samuel

Heavy rain in the week preceding this year's Kyrle meant competitors faced a tough day in the Forest of Dean. Dave Haizelden emerged eventual winner in his Scimitar SS1, snatching overall victory from Gary Browning on the penultimate hill, to take the overall win by just 4 points. Gary and his Class 8 Fugitive took 2nd overall and Class 8 honours, beating John Bell into 3rd overall, just 2 points further back in his Dutton Melos. This gave John Class 7 by a solitary point from Ray Ferguson and the familiar supercharged Liege, who ended up 5th overall on Special Test times after tying on points with Wheelspin championship rival Matt Facey. 

6th overall went to Mike Workman in the Golden Valley Special, closely followed by Ian Phillips, ably assisted by son Sam in the passenger seat. 8th was taken by Stuart Highwood, quickly getting to grips with his Scimitar SS1. 10th overall and Class 6 winner was Adrian Tucker-Peake in the MG F, beating the big Beetles to take the last Wheelspin point. Class 4 appeared to have a tough day, but was ultimately won by Tony Young in his two-tone Beetle.  

Upcoming Events

Tarka Trial - Sunday 3rd November 2019

This is a Bike Only round of the ACTC Championship and has a healthy entry into the 50's. More Marshals are needed so if you're able to help please contact the Chief Marshall Becky Macey on 07708 764622.

Hardy Trial - Sunday 17th November 2019                             

This years event has some new sections just round the corner from Nick’s Pits but otherwise it's mostly business as usual, with possibly dropping one or two others to keep number of sections reasonable. Working party to be arranged for Green Lane, hoping to get that in for classes 6 – 8 possibly. Enter Online Here

The Allen Trial - Sunday 24th November 2019

The 2019 Allen Trial will once again start and finish at The Bull Inn at Hinton, just off the A46 approximately 2 miles south of Junction 18 on the M4. The event will include all the old favourites (Guys Hill, Travers & John Walker). They have retained Fry’s Bottom with the through route and hopefully a new section. This is a very popular Trial and usually gets fully subscribed. Enter Online Here
The Allen 2019 marks a very special anniversary for Tony Young as marks 60 years since his very first Trial!
Tony entered the 1959 event in an MG F, which must have only been a few years old. The event was on the 13th of December. It started at the Luttrell Arms Garage in Dunster.
This event consisted of 10 sections, 2 special tests, and there were 20 entries. Tony dropped just 4 points in total, all on Hill 7, Yealscombe.
60 years later, not only does he still compete but he's still competitive, often showing some of the other Class 4 whipper-snappers a thing or two!
2020 Calendar

The 2020 Event Calendar is now available to view on the ACTC website, showing the dates of all events in 2020. It can be viewed in full here, below is a list of all championship rounds.

Fri 3 Jan Exeter
Sun 19 Jan Clee
Sun 2 Feb Cotswold Clouds
Sun 16 Feb Exmoor
Sat 22 Feb Northern 
Sun 8 March Chairmans
Sun 15 March Durham Dales
Sun 29 March Torbay 
Fri 10 April Lands End
Sun 24 May Yorkshire Dales
Sun 19 July MECVC Bike Trial
Sun 6 Sept Exmoor Clouds
Sun 20 Sept Taw & Torridge
Sat 3 Oct Edinburgh
Sun 18 Oct Tamar
Sun 25 Oct Kyrle
Sun 1 Nov Tarka
Sun 15 Nov Hardy 
Sun 29 Nov Allen
Sun 29 Nov Neil Westcott
Sun 6 Dec Camel Classic
Marshals Database

Thank you to those of you that have agreed to sign up to this initiative, the Championship Monitor will be in contact soon regarding the Autumn events. Special thanks must go to Launceston & North Cornwall MC, with several committee and club members signing up.

Marshals have already been called into action on both the Tamar Trial and the upcoming Bodmin Trial.

If you marshal on ACTC events and would like to be included in this, or you know somebody who does, contact Norton Selwood on Facebook or at [email protected]  

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