Welcome to the third edition of ACTC Newsletters which will be a regular communication to keep you updated with info from around the Classic Trials scene.

Committee Matters

A reminder that the ACTC AGM takes place on Sunday 1st September and there are various proposals out with Clubs for discussion and reporting back. This is your opportunity to shape the future of our sport so please get involved and provide feedback via your Club Rep https://www.actc.org.uk/info/clubs/

We are always looking for ways to improve our sport so urge you to voice any specific ideas through to Dave for consideration - this is your opportunity to influence the future of our sport.

Give Dave a bell on 07841 860121.

Suzuki X-90's: Class 5X?

As mentioned in the previous newsletters, the proposal of a Suzuki X-90 class (Class 5X) has been put out to the Clubs for voting on at the September AGM, following discussion and general agreement by those present at the April ACTC Meeting.

The proposal is as follows. For approximately 10 years the Suzuki X-90 has been regarded as the cheapest and easiest route into the sport on 4 wheels. This has been reflected in our events, by Class 5 regularly being the best supported of the production classes.  A class solely for the Suzuki's may allow an accessible class for newcomers to develop, without having to compete against the rest of Class 5.

There could be regulations introduced to the new class to limit excessive modifications. It has been suggested that the low ratio gearbox could be allowed, due to their availability against the standard gearbox, but to not allow engine changes. Any cars not meeting the regulations could run in Class 5 as normal. None of this is by any means set in stone, this is still at the 'brainstorming' phase.  

There have been several replies, all of which have been in favour of this idea. Allowing the 4wd gearbox has also proven favourable, as has restricting excessive modifications to keep the class as cheap and accessible as possible.

So, what do you think? If you have any comments, criticisms or ideas then contact Norton Selwood on Facebook or at [email protected] and he will collate all feedback.

Dellow Reclassification Proposal

The Dellow Register have requested a discussion on the reclassification of standard and modified Dellows. This is on the agenda for the next ACTC meeting on September 1st. Please let your club rep know your views so they can be raised.

Upcoming Events

ACTC AGM - Sunday 1st September 2019

A reminder that the following items are currently out with Clubs for discussion prior to Clubs being asked to vote. If you have specific views or comments or would like more information then please contact your Club Rep.

1. Separate Class for X-90's (Class 5X)

2. Move Mid-engine cars currently in Class 6 to Class 5

3. Replace Minimum Wheelbase Dimension of 1320mm for Solo Bikes with Minimum Seat Height of 700mm 

4. Relaxation of the compulsory Sidecar nose cone rule

2019 ACTC AGM Agenda


Exmoor Clouds – Sunday 8th September 2019 

The Minehead MC organising team are attempting to make this years event much more production car friendly as many previous car winners have been from Class 8. Chris Priddy, Paul Merson & Richard Hutchings will be looking at the sections with that in mind. They have identified over 20 Hills that can be used on the day, subject to weather conditions, some maybe class 7 or 8 only.

The event has been brought forward several weeks in the championship calendar so there’s a better chance of drier conditions to also make it easier for the lower classes as well as being an enjoyable event for the motorcycle classes.

Entries are now open and close at mid-day on 2nd September 2019.

2019 Exmoor Clouds Entry Pack (CARS)
2019 Exmoor Clouds Entry Pack (BIKES)


Taw & Torridge – Sunday 15th September 2019

While Holsworthy MC team can’t promise mud for a trial in September they do have an abundance of sections to select from in the spectacular North Devon countryside and are making great efforts to give people a good days motorsport. They plan to have at least 17 sections and 2 special tests in a route of 55 miles with a route which is similar to previous years with a few amendments. This will incorporate the odd “Chairmans” Section being introduced, a new Section in the Rat Run complex and a welcomed return to Langtree Common.

Entries are now open and close on Wednesday 4th September 2019.

2019 Taw & Torridge Entry Pack (CARS)
2019 Taw & Torridge Entry Pack (BIKES)


MCC Edinburgh Trial - 5th October 2019 

Really positive news with only 6 weeks to go until this years Edinburgh. It looks as though the MCC could be heading for a bumper entry as they now have well over 240 declared runners and riders with entries open until the 17th. As always though The MCC will keep accepting entries well into September.
The daylight only Derbyshire class entries will remain at the bargain price of £50 until entries for it close just before the trial.This is only possible for this class as all documentation will be sent digitally for it rather than printed hard copy.
Class R the all tarmac alternative is now almost full with literally just 5 spots still available! The offer of a 100% tarmac route of 200 miles proving tempting to many especially in classic cars timing is the simple relaxed MCC format timing by traditional MCC route cards. There are a number of code boards and passage controls en-route and the location of the hill starts is not revealed until you actually arrive at them!
The MCC have relaxed entry regulations and have a long list of invited clubs and groups that no longer necessitate the need for MCC membership mostly for Northern participants from clubs organising and supporting the Edinburgh in the past and present and national groups such as the TRF. As an experiment, the organisers are including an all new tarmac special test involving a narrow twisty private road where the action is guaranteed to be fast and furious.
There are subtle changes to this years route especially on traditional sections so forewarned is forearmed don't do what you always do at sections, read the route card carefully, especially for those sections run through the night!
The organisers work really is kicking in now from planned visits over the next fortnight to all sections and tests to finalise the layouts to making more direction boards for the route as well as chasing details like the petrol station staff willing to open at 3.30am. Then there's all the paperwork to finalise before its journey to the printers.
Observers are crucial for a grand day out on this scale and we are a little thin in places, [email protected] needs folk from Tamworth to Buxton and at all times of day, alternatively if you don't fancy anything arduous there are plenty of jobs at the Duke of York where they'll be having breakfast and the finish.

Provisional Entry List

Online Entry

ASWMC Summer Newsletter

The ASWMC Summer 2019 Newsletter is now available, click this link to view.

Marshals Database

Thank you to those of you that have agreed to sign up to this initiative. The Championship Monitor will be in contact soon regarding the Autumn events. If you would like to be included in this, see below for the details from July's Newsletter.

Further to the ACTC's efforts to better connect with those 'out on the hills' we would like to start a marshals database. This will be a list of people who help out on our trials, with contact details so that the Championship Monitor can contact them asking for their help when extra assistance is needed on an event. This group can also be kept up to date with any rule changes, and will have a point of contact within the ACTC. If you marshal on ACTC events and would like to be included in this, or you know somebody who does, contact Norton Selwood on Facebook or at [email protected]  

For Sale

Time to sell my Old Trials car. On the button, starts ok and runs well. Hydraulic Handbrake for those hill starts! Rear end raised 100mm, front end about 60mm. Steel plate under Engine, Box and tank. Loads of spares as a package, Gearbox, Doors, Bonnet, Boot, Lights, Steering rack. Also spare wheels. This car may well be soon in Class 5!!! Open to offers as l would like the space. Needs new MOT.

Ring me for more info, Stewart 07485 084740

For Sale

2x Marina Van diffs 4.55:1

Having a clearout, these were purchased for a project which never happened and since been in a covered plastic box under my bench for the last 15 years. Ideal spares for Marlin owners as getting quite rare to find now.

£70 each, located Exeter, can deliver to the start of Taw & Torridge Trial. Keith - 07398 225880

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