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MSUK Competition Licences

Motorsport UK recently announced a revamp of their competition licences, the main change being that from 1st Jan 2020, all competitors of events running under a Motorsport UK permit (so all car competitors) must have a competition licence. They have introduced a new free licence for Clubman events called RS Clubman. Below are some key points for all competitors :

For 2020, all ACTC championship events are classified as Clubmans.

If you are entering on a bike, bike with chair or three-wheeler - there is no change - you need a relevant ACU or AMCA licence (dependent on which permit the event is using).

If your are entering in a car - you must get the new free RS Clubman licence issued by Motorsport UK.

If you are a passenger in a car and aged 18 or over -  you must get the new free RS Clubman licence issued by Motorsport UK.

If you are a passenger in a car and aged less than 18, then a letter of parental consent is required, you do not need a licence.

All event entrants (driver and passengers) must also be a member of either the organising club, or an invited club.

Online application for the free RS Clubman license is recommended. This can be done easily on the Motorsport UK website.

Drivers and passengers will be also able to apply for the free RS Clubman licence at event sign on. A photo is NOT required. Please do not rely on their being application forms available to fill in, print and complete your own application, which can be handed in at sign on.

Two medical questions are asked on the form/on-line application. They are : 1. Do you have any serious medical condition that affects your ability to drive and control a car? 2. Are you epileptic or do you suffer from any fits, fainting spells or blackouts or take any medication to control this? Medical information will be confidential to Motorsport UK and not passed on to any third party.

Competitors with Motorsport UK licenses higher than RS Clubman can use that license for a trial.

Further information is available on the Motorsport UK website here.

Facey wraps up Wheelspin on the Allen

^ Tony Young's current trials car pictured next to the very car he competed on the Allen with 60 years ago!

The Allen had another strong entry of 74 for the 2019 event, and with lots of rain preceding the event it was going to be a slippery day for competitors and marshals!

The trial had its now familiar start at Tog Hill, followed by Bitton Lane with a restart for classes 3-7. This caught out the likes of Greg Warren and Andrew Brown on the greasy restart. Big Uplands had plenty of grip, so the next stop was the infamous Guys Hill. The restart for 6, 7 and 8 seemed grippier than in recent years, but still caught out Duncan Stephens, driving Mike Chatwin's DP Wasp, Brian Partridge in his Cannon and eventual Class 6 winner Ben Wear.

Ubley was as muddy and slippery as ever, taking points off the majority of the field. Class 4 was decided in Ubley, with Tony Young dropping 4 on Ubley 2 and Ian Moss dropping 6 on the Special Test! The two white scimitars of Stuart Highwood and Dave Haizelden also distanced themselves from the rest of Class 5 by being the only two to clean the Ubley section. 

The separate restart lines at Burledge were tame this year, so it was on to the Fry's Bottom Complex. Matt Facey won the class and the Wheelspin by cleaning Fry's 3, where Phil Thomas in his shiny Escort dropped his only marks. Bill Bennett also dropped 2 here, doing enough to beat Emma Wall into 2nd place in Class 2. Class 7 was decided here, Ray Ferguson outclimbing Michael Gilder to take class honours. Class 8 had a very tough restart here, along with tyre pressure limits of 12psi, meaning 4s were the best here, Dean Partington emerging eventual class winner on special test times.

The Allen was once again very well received by competitors and the event ran very smoothly, the last cars clearing John Walker just as light started to fade.  

ACTC 2020 Membership

Car competitors - Special ACTC Membership Benefits for 2020

You can compete in the 2020 Car Championships with the new free RS Clubman MSUK Competition Licence - saving yourself £29 for 2020 and ACTC membership is frozen at just £11. As an ACTC Championship Contender you’ll get an automatic invite to the Club events as well as the normal 15 invited Clubs.

There are 10 Car Championship Awards on offer across the Wheelspin and Crackington Leagues. There is also a Navigator League as well as other discretionary awards based on up-coming talent and for those overcoming adversity!

Bike Competitors – FREE ACTC Membership for 2020

Yes that’s right, free membership for 2020. All that we ask is that you come out and compete as much as you can to build your Championship points and hopefully continue your membership in future years.

This initiative is being offered in an attempt to kick-start the Bike Championships by attracting enough contenders to make it a truly competitive season.

There is the Pouncy League for solo motorcycles and the Red Rose Bowl for sidecars and three wheelers with multiple awards in each depending on the number of entries.

Never has there been a better time to join ACTC so why not have a crack at the Championships in 2020?

Not only will you be a Championship contender and receive a quarterly e-copy of Restart Magazine, but your valued membership will help to support the protection and future of our Sport by supporting the ACTC having a voice with important issues such as Rights of Way and fighting against higher fees which are starting to be imposed by Local Authorities for the use of lanes designated as Byways and Footpaths.

Place an Advert in Restart and get FREE ACTC Membership

Purchase a minimum of a half-page advert for the 4x editions of Restart (£35) and get free entry to the ACTC Championships.

ACTC - Become a member, get involved and help support and shape the future of our sport!

ACTC Entry Form 2020 (PDF)

ACTC Entry Form 2020 (DOC)

Championship Standings (Provisional)

With 1 round to go, there's still plenty to play for! Here's how the tables stack up!

Based on provisional results from the Allen...

Wheelspin League (based on Overall position)

    Best 9 Total Events Scored Max Possible*
Matt Facey 78 87 11 81
Dave Haizelden 67 67 8 77
Ray Ferguson 63 68 11 70
Paul Merson 56 58 10 63
Dean Partington 52 52 9 59

* if winning 1st Overall on remaining 1 event


Matt Facey has won the 2019 Wheelspin Championship! With 1st overall on the Allen Trial he takes his 1st Wheelspin title, only a year after he won his 1st Crackington Championship.

Last year's Wheelspin champion has been narrowly beaten into 2nd place, but this could become 3rd depending on how Dave and Ray Ferguson fare on the season finale this Sunday.

4th Place Paul Merson and 5th Place Dean Partington are all but secure in their spots, and will be competing for honours on this weekend's Camel Classic!

Crackington League (based on Class performance)

    Best 9 Total Events
Stuart Bartlett 69.9 69.9 8
James Shallcross 69.1 69.1 7
Stewart Green  58.1 58.1 7
Sam Holmes 53.8 53.8 6
Stuart Highwood 46.3 46.3 6

The Crackington is going down to the wire! Stuart Bartlett finds himself back on top after briefly occupying 2nd place due to not competing on the Hardy. Stuart will need a strong result on the Camel Classic to secure his maiden Crackington title, not an easy task by any means!

2nd Place James Shallcross is just 0.8 points behind, and barring any mechanical failure is likely to take 10 points from the Camel Classic this weekend. Will Stuart pip him to it or will James win his 2nd Crackington title on the Camel? 

Stewart Green comfortably occupies 3rd spot in the Crackington with 58.1 points from 7 events. He could still have a bearing on the championship however, will he be a thorn in the side of Stuart Bartlett? 

Sam Holmes jumps up to 4th place with a strong showing on the Allen having beaten Ian Moss and Antony Young to get there.

Stuart Highwood also had a strong showing on the Allen, and this is reflected by his late burst into the top 5 of the Crackington. Having won the Pegasus Cup for 5th in the Crackington last year, will he do it again in 2019?

Navigators League

    Best 9 Total  Events Scored
Nick Sherrin 91.8 100.3 10
Hollie Wood 91.2 91.2 9
Hannah Ferguson 90.0 111.0 12

It's all very close in the Nav League too, with one of the closest finishes we've ever seen!

1st Place Nick Sherrin currently leads but has already done more than 9 events so can only increase this score by 2 or 3 points.

2nd Place Hollie Wood has all but reached her maximum number of points with 9 class wins on the board. The only way this can improve is if there are more Class 3 competitors out on the Camel, and Matt & Hollie win the class..

3rd Place Hannah Ferguson was winning the league with 3 events to go, and now finds herself in 3rd place! With a strong class result she can still win the Navigators League, as she trails Nick by just 1.8 points.

Pouncy League (Solo Bikes)

1st Place has been dominated again by Kathy Martin and it looks like Chris Barham will need to settle with the runner-up position.

Red Rose Bowl (Sidecars)

Hats-off to Geoff Westcott who puts a lots to our sport and has secured a well deserved 1st Place to take the Red Rose Bowl.

The New ACTC Facebook Group

Have you joined ACTC for 2020? 

Then come along and join the new ACTC Facebook Group, open to all championship contenders and members of ACTC. This will be a group for all your Classic Trials related content, and we will use it to keep you, our membership, up to date with the latest news. Once up and running we will also use it to ask for your thoughts on trialling matters as they arise, so we can best represent the thoughts of our membership. 

Find the new group here, or search for "ACTC Classic Trials" on Facebook.

Paul Merson wins the Hardy

Woolbridge Motor Club got a fantastic entry of 77 for the Hardy Trial, running their popular Class O as well as a Class 9 for the 4wd brigade running at the tail end of the event. The 33 strong bike entry was won by Ben Dyer on his Beta Alp, beating fellow Exmoor MCC member Stephen Warwick, and KTM mounted Jon Rutherford into 2nd and 3rd respectively on Special test times. 

Martin Keswick took a narrow victory over Steve Urell on 3 wheels, the 2 sections at the Nicks Pitts Complex being the deciding factor. We hope to see these 2 crews and many more competing for the Red Rose Bowl next season! 

In the cars, Paul Merson took a narrow overall victory, dropping just 10 marks to beat sole Class 7 entrant Ray Ferguson into 2nd overall by a single point. Stewart Green, competing on his home event was 3rd overall, close behind the leading 2 dropping only 16 marks. Matt Facey came in 4th on 18 points, a whole 13 ahead of Class 5 winner Dave Haizelden.

Interestingly, the 4 Suzuki X90's in Class 5 were separated by just 10 points. This suggests there could be some close battles in the new Class 90 next year! 

Class O was divided into two sub-classes, with Class 7 & 8 cars running in one class, and saloon cars running in the other. Keith Sanders won the Class O event on 23 points, coincidentally dropping less than Dave H running in the main trial! 

The shiny new Liege of Chris Morison won the 'specials' sub class O and Wayne Sinker won the saloon sub class in his X90.

The Hardy was well received, and Clerk of the Course Andy Webb commented 'I managed to get points off of everybody in the cars, so I won!' 

Camel Vale Trials Meeting

We are pleased to announce there will be a Camel Vale Trials Sub-Committee meeting on Tuesday 3rd December to discuss all subjects regarding trials. Location is Roche Victory Hall. Time - 8pm.

This meeting is open to anybody and everybody who is wanting the continuation of our sport.

Topics to be discussed to include -
Forestry paperwork and working parties
Ways to make organisers lives easier.
Anything else!

Many thanks

PS you don’t have to be a club member to attend, it’s open to all that participate in any way in classic trials.

2020 Calendar

The 2020 Event Calendar is now available to view on the ACTC website, showing the dates of all events in 2020. It can be viewed in full here, below is a list of all championship rounds.

Fri 3 Jan Exeter
Sun 19 Jan Clee
Sun 2 Feb Cotswold Clouds
Sun 16 Feb Exmoor
Sat 22 Feb Northern 
Sun 8 March Chairmans
Sun 15 March Durham Dales
Sun 29 March Torbay 
Fri 10 April Lands End
Sun 24 May Yorkshire Dales
Sun 19 July MECVC Bike Trial
Sun 6 Sept Exmoor Clouds
Sun 20 Sept Taw & Torridge
Sat 3 Oct Edinburgh
Sun 18 Oct Tamar
Sun 25 Oct Kyrle
Sun 1 Nov Tarka
Sun 15 Nov Hardy 
Sun 29 Nov Allen
Sun 29 Nov Neil Westcott
Sun 6 Dec Camel Classic
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