2017 Championship Tables (to Yorkshire Dales)

2017 car championship tables up to and including the Yorkshire Dales Trial.

2017 Wheelspin League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 Crackington League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 Navigators League (to Yorkshire Dales)

2017 North Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 South Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 Midland Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 West Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)

The North regional championship will be decided on next weeks Durham Dales trial, as it is the last round for that region. Very tight between the top 3 currently :

1st : John Charles [21.9]
2nd : David Golightly [20.5]
3rd : Sam Holmes [20.3]

The other regions have most of their events in the second half of the year. The top 3 in the Wheelspin and Crackington leagues are excluded from the regional awards (these are marked in orange). Please note – this can affect the championships later in the year, as if someone drops down below 3rd in the Wheelspin or Crackington later in the year, they will re-appear in the regional championships.

Could competitors check their scores are correct, especially their MCC event scores. Please include your competition number for that event if querying a score.

Bike and navigators tables to follow.

[ACTC Championship Secretary]

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