Awards Dinner

Due to various circumstances, the usual summer awards dinner has been rescheduled. So in 2018 there will be an awards dinner for both the 2016 and 2017 championships. This will take place on Saturday 17th March, at the Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton, Devon.

This is the night before the Torbay Trial, it is only a 25 minute drive from Cullompton to the start of the trial, there are rooms and plenty of trailer parking at Padbrook Park so hopefully people will make a weekend of it.

More details/menus etc. to follow, for any additional information please contact Alan Selwood – 07890 962191 or [email protected]

Could anyone with a current trophy please contact Alan to arrange collection (ideally from the start of a trial).

Rooms can be booked at Padbrook Park, just mention the ACTC to get the group rate.

Padbrook Park Hotel
EX15 1RU
01884 836100

2017 Championship Tables (to Yorkshire Dales)

2017 car championship tables up to and including the Yorkshire Dales Trial.

2017 Wheelspin League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 Crackington League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 Navigators League (to Yorkshire Dales)

2017 North Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 South Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 Midland Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)
2017 West Regional League (to Yorkshire Dales)

The North regional championship will be decided on next weeks Durham Dales trial, as it is the last round for that region. Very tight between the top 3 currently :

1st : John Charles [21.9]
2nd : David Golightly [20.5]
3rd : Sam Holmes [20.3]

The other regions have most of their events in the second half of the year. The top 3 in the Wheelspin and Crackington leagues are excluded from the regional awards (these are marked in orange). Please note – this can affect the championships later in the year, as if someone drops down below 3rd in the Wheelspin or Crackington later in the year, they will re-appear in the regional championships.

Could competitors check their scores are correct, especially their MCC event scores. Please include your competition number for that event if querying a score.

Bike and navigators tables to follow.

[ACTC Championship Secretary]

2017 Yorkshire Dales Trial Results

Here are the final results for the 2017 Yorkshire Dales Trial.

Overall winners were Dean Partington (Class 8) and John Kenny (Class B2).

2017 Yorkshire Dales Trial Results

Class winners :

A : Steve Kingstone [5]
B1 : Colin Halliday [16]
B2 : John Kenny [3]
C : John Boothroyd [25]
D : Richard Clay [47]
X : Tim Pitt [12]

1 : David Child [124]
2 : Bill Bennett [6]
3 : Nigel Hilling [40]
4 : Sam Holmes [19]
5 : David Golightly [2]
6 : Mark Smith [7]
7 : Peter Hart [5]
8 : Dean Partington [2]
V : Fred Waite [17]
O : Barry Redmayne [14]

Event Report on Classical Gas

Youtube Video :

MCC Testing Trial 2017

The Motor Cycling ClubEntries are now open for the MCC Testing Trial which is being held on Sunday 2nd July in Somerset.  This year it is being run as a “taster” event and therefore MCC Membership is not a requirement.

Great value at £25 for approx 50+ tests. It is a great sociable yet competitive day out, last year saw some great class battles going on all day long amongst the 70+ entrants, catering and toilets are present as usual and awards are presented shortly after the event has finished.

Plenty of marshals required as usual, any volunteers would be welcome to call Nick Farmer on 07973 986803 or email [email protected]

If you are an MCC member then you can enter the MCC Testing Trial online, otherwise download the entry forms here :

2017 Testing Trial Entrypack (Cars)
2017 Testing Trial Entrypack (Bikes)

Changes to Pouncey League for 2018

From 2018, based on feedback from motorcycle competitors – the ACTC Championship for Solo Motorcycles (the Pouncey League) will be scored based on overall motorcycle results rather than class results.

15 points will be awarded for 1st overall, 14 points for 2nd overall down to 1 point for 15th overall.

Tarka Trial 2017 Date Change

This years Tarka Trial will now run on Sunday 19th November – this was the date of the Hardy Trial which is not running this year.

The Tarka will also become a round of the ACTC Car Championships (for 2017 only), to replace the Hardy.

ACU Become Full Members of LARA

The problems surrounding Land Access is an issue that everyone associated with motorsport could do without, whether that be Organisers of two wheel or four wheeled sport.

LARA is the motoring organisations’ Land Access and Recreation Association and acts as a national forum for the principal groups in countryside motor sport and recreation.

The ACU is the internationally recognised National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in the British Isles (less Northern Ireland). Formed in 1903, the ACU has a long tradition in the world of motorcycle sport being a founder member of the World Governing Body, the Federation Internationale Motocyclisme (FIM).

The ACU have now upgraded their Membership of LARA to Full Members which means that LARA now have representation over all four User Groups – motorsport / recreation 2 /3 wheels and 4 wheels.

John Collins, Chairman ACU Ltd said “Until recently, the ACU were Associate Members of LARA, however, we have been working very closely with Alan Kind and LARA on a couple of issues which could have had and still may have a wide effect on motorsport in general. Land Access is vital to our Off Road activities and as such we need to put our support where it is required in order to protect Off Road Sport. LARA is an important vehicle to deliver this”.

Andrew Knightly-Brown, Chairman of LARA commented “This is excellent news and I am delighted to have the ACU back on board as a full member. This really adds teeth to the LARA machine and enhances our position across the range of motorsport and recreational activity”.

For further information on LARA and its activities please go to

For further information on The ACU please go to

2017 Championship Tables (to Torbay)

2017 Championship tables up to and including the Torbay Trial.

2017 Wheelspin League (to Torbay)
2017 Crackington League (to Torbay)
2017 Navigators League (to Torbay)
2017 Pouncy & Red Rose Leagues (to Torbay)

Could competitors check their scores are correct, especially their MCC scores. Please include your competition number for that event if querying a score.

[ACTC Championship Secretary]